Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys {Day 26}: Watch a Sunrise/Sunset

Day 26 Watch the Sunrise or Sunset Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys

Watch a Sunrise or Sunset Together…


  • A beautiful setting (open field, beach, lake, etc.)
  • Warm clothing (if needed for after the sun goes down)
  • Camera

There is something truly beautiful about starting a day or ending a day with the sun. How do we take for granted this spectacular sky event that happens daily?  I want my kids to grasp the beauty of the ordinary. I want them to bask in the wonder of things like sunsets and how God designed this earth so perfectly.

So I encourage you to schedule a sunrise or sunset watching with your family. Pick a nice day with some clouds. Take some treats, a blanket, and find a good viewing spot.  {Note: You do not have to take a vacation to watch a sunset.}

 watching a sunset with kids simple outdoor adventures

  Helpful Tips/Resources:

Where’s your ideal place to watch the sunrise/sunset? 

2 thoughts on "Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys {Day 26}: Watch a Sunrise/Sunset"

  1. Meg says:

    Hi there,
    Maybe I missed this early on in your series and you explained your thinking but I am wondering why this isn’t called Simple Outdoor Adventures for Kids. As a former preschool teacher, I know lots of little girls who would also love these activities. And the activities are great. I just find the title of the series to be perplexing.

    1. QuatroMama says:

      I did address this earlier in the intro to this series…but thanks for asking. It’s not meant to be offensive in the slightest. God has given me 4 boys who I’m learning more about each day. And as I fall more in love with their distinct characteristics, I have a passion for allowing them to be BOYS.
      “So every day this month I’ll be sharing a simple outdoor adventure idea that you can recreate with your boy(s)…or yes, I’m SURE you could do any of these with girls too. I’m a mama to four boys. I know boys. Well at least I know MY BOYS. Nevertheless, my heart behind this is allowing boys to be boys.”
      Obviously, girls might enjoy and even love these too, but they were created for my own boys and I’m sharing our experience with you all this month! Hope you find some great ideas along the way!

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