Andes Mint Brownies: A Holiday Baking Addiction

andes mint brownies recipe

My friend Amy introduced me to the wonderfulness of Andes Mint Cookies over 10 years ago.  There’s a reason she’s still one of my closest friends.  We share a love for chocolate, Jesus, bargains, and a few other essentials.

And then I tried Andes Mint Brownies, and I’m not sure I could chose a favorite if forced.  They are both a holiday baking addiction.

Basically the Andes Mints add a perfect layer of icing and minty magic. You want to know how to make the magic happen?


Just make your favorite brownie recipe. {I love this one if I’m making them from scratch.} OR you can even fancy up a box batch! 

While your waiting for them to bake in the oven, unwrap about 20-30 Andes Mints. When you pull them out fresh from the oven, evenly distribute the mints on top of the brownies.  Wait for a few seconds for the mints to melt on the hot brownies, and then begin to spread evenly until you have a layer of melted mint.

Allow to cool {if you can resist}, and you have a perfect mint layered brownie that will put you in holiday BLISS.

What’s YOUR favorite Holiday Baking Addiction?


   I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with Indiana’s Family of Farmers for this post. {They sent me some great baking goodies!}  Did you know that Indiana ranks 4th in the United States in peppermint production? Indiana also ranks 4th in the United States in spearmint production.  Check out more Indiana Mint Trivia on My Indiana Home.

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