How Pure Charity Can Change Your Holidays…


What if our online spending could be used for GOOD?

I need to order a Christmas gift from Walmart for my nephews.  I spend $40 and 2.5% of that goes into my giving fund to fund projects of my choosing. (I don’t spend any additional money.)

Later that day I remember I need to order a Shutterfly book for the grandparents.  BINGO! 4% of my purchase goes into my giving fund.

And then that night I book a hotel for our 10th anniversary on . 3.75% of that purchase banks to back projects that I want to support.

By the end of the day, there’s a nice chunk of change added up to impact lives around the globe simply by signing up with Pure Charity. AND if we all commit to using Pure Charity together think of what our impact can be!  COLASSAL, PEOPLE!

What if this Christmas was a year that we impacted the world instead of remembering it only for what we received from our Christmas list, or what tradition we continued to fulfill? 

Brad and I are serious about not allowing materialism to wreck our holidays this year.  We limited our gift giving long before the Christmas trees went up in Hobby Lobby, we’ve talked about the focus of Christmas as a family, and we’ve stayed committed even in the thick of December, which is difficult when everything in our culture screams TOYS TOYS TOYS!

We truly desire for this Christmas to be different. 

  • How can we make this Christmas more about reaching out instead of taking in?
  • How can this Savior that we sing about so freely in carols be evident to others and constant on our hearts? 
  • How can we teach our children to look beyond themselves now and into the new year?

Sure we can still decorate Christmas cookies, watch Elf, and take in neighborhood Christmas lights, but what can we do that will have a lasting impact on lives long after the season is over?

Perhaps it’s visiting a nursing home, or shopping the Compassion catalog. Maybe it’s adopting a family in your community, or serving at a local shelter kitchen.   There are a million and one opportunities around us, and the needs are great.

Can I tell you about a SIMPLE one that can impact lives for the good that’s right at your finger tips?  It’s called Pure Charity and I’m absolutely hooked. Basically, a small percentage of the purchases that you’re already making online can be used for the charities of your own choosing. 

pure charity screen retailers

Over 1200 retailers are already on board (Target, Kohls, Apple, Groupon, Walmart, Pottery Barn, Southwest, etc.) and more are joining daily.

What I’m telling you is that when you buy nearly anything online {downloading your favorite songs, replacing your faucet, snatching a local deal, or buying toilet paper, PEOPLE!}, you could help bring clean water to kids in Cambodia, or provide necessities for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy, or plant fruit trees in Rwanda.

pure charity map

The almost unfathomable part is I didn’t jump through any hoops to make it happen.  I just installed the Pure Charity Plug-In, (or you can shop directly from their site and search the retailer of your choice) clicked to add each retailer in the top toolbar, and shopped as normal. When I purchase something, a percentage of my purchase amount is added to my account to fund projects that I want to back.  {They even offer  coupons and discounts per retailer.}

So sign up for an account, follow me there, discover charities that you would like to support, share your passions with your friends through sharing on Facebook/Twitter (the more we share the bigger our impact), and then stay tuned THURSDAY for the biggest giveaway ever here at 4tunate! {I mean honestly, set up a reminder, write it on your hand, tell your neighborhood!}

pure charity 125

There’s something more to this holiday than the rat race of gift giving, the Pinterest worthy desserts, the traditions, and the hoopla, and WE ARE GOING TO BE PART OF IT!

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  1. Heather says:

    I’ve been meaning to do this and am kicking myself that I haven’t taken the time to do it yet…especially since I’ve spent so much money on Amazon and Target already. Thank you for the final push! Couldn’t be easier.

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