5 Ways I Plan on Keeping My Fitness Goals in 2013

5 Ways to Keep Fitness Goals in 2013

{Let’s hope in December I’m nodding my head reading through these, feeling healthier, stronger, and more confident than my 2012 self. }

I haven’t been through several years of consistently working out like my mentor and inspiration, who happens to be my husband.  However, I’ve been at the gym a little longer than the New Year’s folks who are packing the gyms with eager enthusiasm.

Here is how developing a healthier lifestyle is working for me personally. These are attainable goals that I hope influence our family as a whole to be healthier in 2013.

1. View your fitness goals as a lifestyle change, not just by numbers.

I’m not looking to lose 10 pounds this month, to run a marathon, or work out 2 hours a day 7 days a week.   Being healthier is something I want to maintain for life, not just to meet a goal. I want to be able to run with my kids, even in my forties or later. I want to be the 60 year old lady sweating on the treadmill, and feeling great.  I’ve watched this motivate Brad, and it’s been a huge influence on me as well.  Before his weight loss he struggled to play with the boys on the floor, and got winded so easily.  It’s absolutely amazing how big of a difference it has made in his parenting style!

2. Be realistic. Start small.

I cannot tell you how much lowering my expectations to be achievable has helped me in my own fitness success thus far.  I had to start SMALL.  I mean really small.  I used to get so discouraged by people that could jump on the treadmill without any training and run 2 miles.  My body has been through a lot in the past few years, and this was in no way achievable for me.  I started by running in minute increments, and I’m just now working my way up to running for 20 minutes without stopping to walk. {Told you I was a weenie.} Do what you can and push yourself further each time. “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” – Jon Acuff

3. Don’t go at it alone.

Find a buddy, an online group, a personal trainer, or some sort of accountability system, so that you can’t give up without a fight.  Get your family involved if possible. My husband is my greatest ally.  His mentor is our neighbor Scot.

Our boys LOVE “working out” right now, and I think it’s because we’ve made it a priority. You have a huge influence on the physical well being of your family!  {I’m also part of a Facebook accountability group called BURN that I’d be happy to invite you in if you are interested! Just hit me up in the comment section.}

4. Find an App that helps encourage your goals.

Perhaps its MyFitnessPal that helps you track what you are eating, or the Nike+ app that tracks your time and distance via GPS, or Fleetly if you are the competitive type. I use C25K for my running days. {Here’s some of the fitness apps available. } And a good Pandora station can make your workout!

5. Stop with the lousy excuses.

No more, “but I don’t have the equipment”, or “I’m too old for that”, or my personal favorite “I don’t FEEL like working out today”. There will be things that hold you back.  You get sick, you miss a day at the gym, you gave in to the office cookie plate… don’t let these things be come your quitting day.  Even when you don’t feel like working out, just try it – even if you have to quit midway.  You might be pleasantly surprised that you feel BETTER after working out.

“Start Where You Are. Do What You Can. Use What You Have.” – Arthur Ashe

Start Where You Are Quote Arthur Ashe

What fitness goals do you have for 2013?  How are you committing to keeping them?

7 thoughts on "5 Ways I Plan on Keeping My Fitness Goals in 2013"

  1. I really want to and need to become more physically (and who’s kidding, mentally too) more healthy. My small goal is to go to the YMCA twice a week until it gets nice enough to run outside in the morning.

  2. Danielle says:

    I totally love this, Jen! 3 weeks ago I made a commitment to getting healthy again as well. I’ve been starting off slowly and using what I have at home and make meaningful changes in my diet. I feel so much better than I did just three weeks ago. I use sparkpeople.com for keeping track of my eating. Homeschool has to start a bit later each day than I originally was doing it but my health is as important as starting school early, if not more so. So we start later and I still get my workout in. Everybody wins when momma is active! So this momma has run 5x a week for the past three and I started back toning. I have done half marathons each year for the past 10 years, but last year I ended up walking it because I did not train. Talk about disappointing. So this year I am running another half with a ultimate goal of doing a full marathon at the end of this year or next. Keep it up, momma! See you at school!

  3. I work out by running and I’ve discovered the only thing that keeps me consistent is having a goal…I have to sign up for a 5k. And then a 10k. And then a half marathon. And yes, after 4 years of running, I did sign up for and finish an actual marathon! (probably the only one I’ll ever do…)
    I’ll put off anything I can until the next day…so I have to have a definite date when I need to be able to run a certain distance to keep me motivated.

  4. Crystal says:

    Good for you! Seriously, once you get hooked on living a healthy lifestyle, there’s no turning back. It’s addicting. People always ask me, “How on earth do you exercise 6 days a week?” I answer with one of my favorite Gabby Reese quotes (remember her, the beach volleyball chick from the 90s?): “Do you brush your teeth every day?” 🙂

    Once you figure out how GOOD working out makes you feel, it’s easy to keep going. Not everyone has to be a marathon runner, but EVERYONE has something they can do for a few minutes every day. You are worth it!

    Way to go, Jen!

  5. Crystal says:

    Oh, and I’d like to run a few more races before the baby shows up in 12 weeks. I’d love to break 2 hours in the half as well, but I’m not sure if that can realistically happen this year with baby #3 and a major (possibly overseas) move.

  6. Congrats to you on the progress already made and your goals ahead! I made major changes about 2 yeas ago to get myself into a better place with my health and fitness. I did great for a good 18 months but hit a wall this fall due to some changes in work/routine. I’m getting back on track now though and my big motivator is giving up the gym membership and buying a treadmill for home. No excuses not to run when its right here! I’ve already signed up for one 5K in May and plan to do the big 10 mile race here in our city again this summer. I never thought I’d say it – but I enjoy – and even miss- running!

    1. QuatroMama says:

      That’s incredible, Barb! I’m hoping to check the 5K off my list this spring! Loved all your sweet comments today – thank you for your faithful encouragement!

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