Another Day. Another Milestone.


Notice anything different about this handsome dude? {Clark}

It came out without a tear yesterday afternoon during our science lesson. 😉 (thanks to Daddy for coming down to pull it!) Something him losing his first tooth seems so grown up…

That’s one out and 79 to go for our boys! Somebody alert The Tooth Fairy Bank and Trust that they are about to go under!

So I’m wondering…How do you handle pulling teeth? Who pulls them? How generous is your tooth fairy?

13 thoughts on "Another Day. Another Milestone."

  1. Crystal says:

    No teeth lost here yet, so let me know all the knowledge you gain during this experience. And guess what? I totally knew that was Clark before I even read the caption, are you proud of me? 🙂

  2. elizabeth c. says:

    so far, neither of our kids have been interested in any assistance with teeth (i believe they actually ran in terror at the suggestion). Our oldest (a son) just works at it on his own (one night, i think he stayed awake in bed for 2 hours -unbeknownst to us- until that tooth came out). Our second (a daughter) just lost her first. she pretty much left it alone and a week and half later it fell out on it own.

    the going price for a tooth is the cost of an ice cream cone – you can have the $ or go out for the ice cream.

  3. Lrlanter says:

    Our tooth fairy pays $1 per tooth. So far my oldest pulls his own or asks Mom for help. He is 7-1/2.

  4. Barb says:

    The best thing I found after becoming a grandma and had to help out my middle grandson is ambesol numbs it up and makes pulling it a LOT easier and less traumatic for sensitive, scared little ones. I didn’t know this when I was a Mom. LOL Works like a charm.

  5. Courtney says:


  6. Meg says:

    we don’t pull them, they just fall out when they are ready. The first one while eating pizza.

  7. Oh I miss those days! We helped pull the girl’s teeth … the first one was worth $5 and each after that was $1. The tooth fairy always left her a note too. (When she remembered.)

    Crazy story, my girl, when she was about 10, was looking for a bracelet in my jewelry box and happened upon a little baby tooth. She asked why I had that since the tooth fairy took them. I quickly explained that the tooth fairy always gives a baby’s first tooth to his or her mommy to save as a memento of the event. Whew … 🙂

  8. V’s first tooth meant a bigger gift. We opted for a book & larabar, as it would mean more to her than money. We also let he know the Tooth Fairy gives a bigger gift for the first tooth lost than the others. That helped.

  9. I always loved the little tooth fairy pillows that had a pocket in them to exchange teeth for money!

  10. Teeth don’t get pulled by parents around here, we’re a little too squeamish. But my eldest has gotten comfortable enough to pull the really loose ones. The tooth fairy leaves 1$ here too, but it’s gotta be one of those gold dollar coins.

  11. Abby says:

    When we were growing up, it was $1 for your first tooth and a quarter after that. One caveat was that if the “tooth fairy” (who we all knew was really our parents) forgot on the first night, another dollar or quarter was added for each night she was late.

  12. Jen Deniston says:

    Our twins receive a golden dollar for each of the first four teeth. For the fifth tooth, the tooth fairy sent a new DVD for my son that was payment for all the rest of the teeth that he will lose. The first four are the most special. My daughter has #4 left to lose before she finds out what the tooth fairy will leave for #5 and all the rest.

    1. QuatroMama says:

      Cute! I love the idea of the golden dollar!

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