LEGO Storage Wars: Simple Solutions for LEGO Storage

lego storage wars siimple storage solutions


{IRIS USA LEGO 3-Drawer System $39.99 | IRIS USA LEGO Minifigure Case $7.81| LEGO Storage Head $35.99 | LEGO Large Brick Bin $35.76}

The only 3 downsides of LEGOS are stepping on a stray one with bare feet, sweeping one up in the vacuum cleaner, and keeping them organized. We had come to the point where throwing the LEGOs into one big tub was becoming a frustration.  It was impossible to find small pieces, specialty pieces got lost in the bottom, and dumping the entire container was the only way to go.

After Christmas, I took on the task of finding an LEGO organization system that wasn’t too advanced or burdensome for six year olds to keep up with…After exploring a few options, this is what is working quite well for now.

lego storage organization containers 

It’s accessible, easy, and efficient! I found this Sterilite Clear File Box at Target for $8, and 2 sets of storage drawers for $4.99 each on clearance. 

LEGO Drawer Organization System for Small Pieces

The large container stores all the generic pieces, and the drawers hold the miniature figures, wheels, flat pieces, airplane pieces, and windows/doors.  It’s not too much of a task for them to keep organized and they enjoy playing with them more now that they can easily find the pieces that they like to create with the most.

Here are 7 {more} Simple LEGO Storage Solutions that I Love:

1. This color-coded toolbox solution is a great on-the-go solution from Casa de Chaos.

diy lego storage and organization

2. How about sorting all the mini-figure body parts and accessories in a muffin tin?  Awesome “use what you have” idea from Built by Kids!

lego storage minifigure pieces in muffin tin 

3. My friend Angie, at Just Like the Number has a genius binder system for keeping track of the instruction manuals.  {Ours are overflowing in a folder.}

lego instruction binder for organizing booklets

4. This DIY Lego Storage and Play Table is incredible at Our Wee Family.

diy lego table plus storage  

5. Perhaps someday we’ll graduate to these color-coded bin drawers like these from I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar

lego storage color coded bins

6. Under the bed and out of sight? This is perfect for that from Daniel Sicolo.

lego under the bed customized storage

7. And oh how I adore this diy mini-figure display from All for the Boys! What boy wouldn’t love this displayed in his room?

diy lego mini figure display

How do YOU keep LEGOs organized at your house?  What system works for you?

Oh and don’t forget this simple tip for cleaning up LEGOs!

12 thoughts on "LEGO Storage Wars: Simple Solutions for LEGO Storage"

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I think the Lay N Go mat is brilliant. My mom and I copied one using ripstop fabric, and my boys love it!

  2. Great ideas. I especially like the tool box and the drawer under the bed. I recently made my own huge Lego mini fig heads out of bulk licorice containers to store my son’s legos. You can see them here:

  3. Thanks for sharing our binder system with your readers! Eli was so excited to find LEGO Ninjago folders on clearance at Target, complete with holes in them so he could add them to his binder. We’re going on almost a year of having our LEGO storage solution in place and I’m so happy with it. The kids can find exactly the pieces they need and my feet are spared the pain of stepping on bricks!

  4. Crystal says:

    My go-to storage solution for anything with small parts is to re-use the Winnie the Pooh animal cracker bins from Costco! They’re sturdy, stack well and have lids. We currently have 8 stacked up in our play corner with everything from Mr. Potato Head’s accessories to train tracks. 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    We’re still at the mega block stage, but a good friend stores her kids blocks in one of those underbed sweater boxes. It slides out from under the bed form the kids to play then slides right back out of the way.

    I really like the instruction notebook. I’m sure we’ll need one soon enough.

  6. Anne Schrader says:

    We also do the binder for instruction manuals, but everything else is dumped into two of these lego wheeled storage bins.

    One is for loose pieces and the other for creations they want to keep assembled. This mama was tired of finding creations “on display” (read: tossed everywhere) all over the house, so they are restricted to keeping whatever can fit in the tub with the lid closed. Everything else has to be disassembled and put away.

  7. ohAmanda says:

    Have you seen that Lego Storage head in real life? It has a filter in it and catches different sized legos in each level. It’s pretty nifty.

  8. Colleen says:

    Right now we store our Legos in either a big tote with a lid or in the boxes that the sets came in. Some are left put together and displayed on shelves…all in all, they’re a MESS and I need a better system. I love your idea of using those little plastic drawers!

  9. My scout keeps his legos in the gallon size ziplock bags …everything fits – instruction booklet, people characters and half assembled sections. All of the bags go into a clear plastic tote.

    Keeping the sets together means no worries or frantic searching when putting together a complicated creation.

  10. Great collection of ideas! Thanks for sharing this at my Pin Me Linky Party. I updated the link to your actual post and not the pin.

  11. Oh goodness we so need help with the lego’s. What great ideas 🙂

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