To My Boys Turning 6 {Your Birth Story Part 5}

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    Things I wish I would have done before you were born:

    • measured my belly circumference
    • made a video journal
    • taken more pictures of my medical staff family
    • ingested a few more chalky protein bars
    • hired a photographer for your birth
    • somehow been able to express my gratitude better to those who held us up for the past months
    • taken one last belly picture of my last day of pregnancy

    After getting a few hours of sleep, they woke me up early to start prepping for your delivery.  The NICU and Delivery Room had been on alert for your upcoming delivery for weeks, and we were confident in the medical team that would be on hand for your birth. 

    Because of my preeclampsia, I had to be put on a powerful dose of a nasty drug called Magnesium Sulfate through an IV.  However, I tolerated the early boluses fairly well.  

    quad delivery c-section.jpg

    I said my goodbyes to our close family who were gathered for your delivery, and even more were gathered in the waiting area. Your Uncle Kirby read Scripture which calmed our hearts.  I was anxious, but I was ready.

    Ready to see your faces.  Ready to hopefully hear your cries. Ready to get you out of my BELLAH!!!! Ready to start the next chapter of this unique adventure.

    My surgery began right around noon.  There were some worries of complications from the strain my body had carrying you, so they watched me very closely. I didn’t feel pain, just lots of pressure, pulling, and tugging. Your daddy was fascinated by it all. He was so incredibly brave.

    At 12:33 Henry was first born, and I was able to take a deeper breath than I had taken in weeks. Brooks and Clark followed close behind in the next minute, and Isaac who was enjoying the penthouse suite took some coaxing to come out at 12:35. 

    They rushed you quickly into the resuscitation room next door, but I could hear your small whimpers.  They brought Isaac back into the delivery room for a quick peak, which gave me a chance to lay eyes on him for the first time.

    quadruplets after birth group picture delivery room

    Daddy went next door to meet each of you, and check on how you were doing.  Your Apgar Scores were good, and you were all breathing on your own.  You had a team of respiratory therapists, nurses, and neonatologists evaluating and caring for each you.  In all, the delivery room was crowded with more than 30 medical professionals!

    You were all ALIVE and breathing your first breaths of life, which was nothing short of miraculous.

    As they wheeled me to recovery, you were all somewhat stable.  It was your mama’s turn to take the spotlight once again.  I had lost a lot of blood, and my high blood pressure was setting off alarms every minute. Your daddy was torn between sharing the news with family and friends, and staying by my side.

    quadruplets birth picture - henry

    Henry Samuel

    2 pounds 12 ounces

    quadruplets birth picture - brooks

    Brooks Layton

    3 pounds

    quadruplets birth picture - clark

    Clark Thomas

    3 pounds 7 ounces

         quadruplets birth picture - isaac

    Isaac Edward

    4 pounds

    The next few hours, and really days are a complete blur for me.  I remember naming you with Daddy by looking at your pictures because I was too critical to visit you. I remember finding out that  Isaac and Clark both needed to be put on the ventilator to help their premature lungs to breath. I remember Daddy splitting his time between visiting each of your little pods upstairs in the NICU.  I remember everyone coming into our room congratulating us, but I wasn’t coherent enough to tell them your names. I  frustratingly could never remember them all, and would loose consciousness mid-speech. I remember hearing about my possible complications including stroke, hemorrhage, pulmonary distress and the immediate need to get my blood pressure controlled.

    I remember being afraid for our lives…

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  • 9 thoughts on "To My Boys Turning 6 {Your Birth Story Part 5}"

    1. Lyndse says:

      Love! Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your overnight trip! Hugs from Missouri!

    2. Crystal says:

      Love seeing each of them so fresh from the womb! It’s amazing for how early they came how “non-fetus-like” they look. Just perfect little boys already!

    3. Meg says:

      I would love to know how you cane up with your boys’ names. One of the first things I thought when we found it we were having twins was, “now we have to come up with TWO names.”. I can’t imagine four. :). What precious pictures of your newborn boys.

    4. Kelly says:

      What precious little boys!

    5. Rachel T. says:

      I can relate to this part of your story especially because I also suffered through a scary period after my son was born when my pre-eclampsia worsened before it got better. My sweet hubby brought me Polaroid photos of our preemie newborn while I tried to decide his name. The Mag. Sulfate made me feel so groggy and my vision was blurred! I am glad you and your sweet boys are all healthy and well! My son turns 12 this week!

    6. Hi Jen, I follow you on both Facebook & Twitter and have been a LONG time follower of your blog and the quads progress. I had the opportunity to nanny for triplets who were born April 29, 2007. I had the honor of spending time with them in the NICU, bringing them home and caring for them 40+ hours a week when their parents were working. In someways people said I became their third parent.

      “We” started Kindergarten this past fall, so it was finally time to seperate, but I have such wonderful memories of all the milestones the triplets underwent in the five years I spent with them! I really enjoyed being able to “keep up” with the milestones you boys were also going through about the same time!

      It’s crazy how fast they grow and how time flies!

      Thanks again for sharing your beautiful story and your beautiful family with teh world!

    7. Thank you. This makes me want to go to work each day.

      1. QuatroMama says:

        You have an incredible gift. We will continue to give thanks!

    8. Heather says:

      I was on bed rest for 2 weeks due to preeclampsia with our first. A few days at home then the rest in the hospital. I too was on “mag” and it was horrible. I can’t imagine the pain and discomfort of being pregnant with 4 along with the effects of the mag! I delivered our little girl at 32 weeks 3 days & she did great breathing all on her own. She had a CPAP for a few hours, then a nasal cannula. She was in the NICU for 31 days, and came home the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I’m so glad to hear all 4 of your boys are so healthy & doing so well!

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