Little Boys on the Prairie

This week included a little break from school, but not from learning as we visited Conner Prairie, an interactive living history park, and learned about prairie life in 1836.  We just finished reading Little House in the Big Woods, so this was an excellent way to visualize the story better.

We had such a great adventure together.  It was a little chilly outside, but that made us appreciate the wood stoves and fireplaces of the homes and businesses all the more! 

The spring baby animals were a crowd favorite – the sheep, chicks, goats, and cows were roaming the barn and super friendly.

baby animals conner prairie

conner prairie hands on farm

cutest goat on the internet

Hello cutest goat I’ve ever laid eyes on!!!  Come live with us!

Everything is hands on at Conner Prairie.  The workers are acting out everything about life in 1836 from the costumes to their jobs.  The boys got a sampling of how much WORK was required from kids in the 1800’s by kneading bread, carrying firewood, sorting beans, milking a cow, letting cows out of the pasture, and sweeping the general store. 

prairie town conner prairie pottery prairie town spring conner prairie

prairie town conner prairie blacksmith

Of course heating metal with fire was instantly intriguing for four boys!

  childhood games in the 1800s conner prairie  covered wagon exploring conner prairie  pioneer home at conner prairie    

1800s clothing conner prairie

After trying prairie life on for size, we decided to return to the 21st century and its modern conveniences, but we’ll be back to visit again soon!

5 thoughts on "Little Boys on the Prairie"

  1. Courtney says:

    Cute title to your post. 🙂 Did the boys like the book? I’ve actually gotten to visit several of the places were Laura lived. This place looks like fun too! Actually, my roommate my sophomore year of college is from Fishers, IN and I’m pretty sure her dad does some volunteering at Conner Praire!

    1. QuatroMama says:

      What a small world! They DID enjoy the book…it was a little detailed in places with some of the girly details, but I read over those quickly. =)

  2. Jenny is actually reading LHBW right now… I’ll have to add Conner Prairie to our summer bucket list. 🙂

  3. Crystal says:

    How fun! LI Wilder was one of my favorite authors as a kid!

  4. Mama Carmody says:

    Isn’t Conner Prairie fun?! We tried it last summer with a 3 year old girl and two 1 year old boys. There were actually a lot of things that they really enjoyed doing. We did learn that with children that young it would have been easier to use a wagon instead of trying to take them in and out of the stroller. Thanks for sharing your fun.

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