On Becoming a Soccer Mom…


Minivan – CHECK

Soccer Cleats, Jerseys, Socks, Shin Guards – CHECK

Snacks – CHECK

Folding Chairs – CHECK

This week we begin our first organized sport.  Brad (former soccer stud) will be assistant coaching, and I’ll be cheering them on from the sideline each Saturday from now until Memorial Day come rain or shine. {Thank goodness they’re all on the same team! I dread the day when we’ll be torn between teams or running from one soccer field to the other.} Yes, they make up half of the team.

It’s been a muddy, sopping wet spring thus far, therefore there will be a highly competitive laundry volunteer position posted later this week.  First come first serve, no line jumping.

Honestly, as a rookie soccer mom, I’d love some input from those of you who have graced the sidelines over the years.  How should I tame/encourage their competitive spirits?  What’s the best snack to pack? What should I pack for the games, etc?

What’s one piece of advice you would share with a newbie soccer mom?

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  1. Jamie says:

    I would recommend packing a change of clothes, a portable potty, and an umbrella for sure! Every game bought another new experience for us in t-ball, hopefully these items will help you!

  2. Lene Kristin says:

    How lucky the lads are to have you as their parents. We just started taking our twin girls to swimming lessons, and we feel like that is commitment on our behalf… (seems laughable compared to soccer!) They will learn so much from this!

    I don’t know how the temperature is where you are, but I would bring hot cocoa in a thermos as a pick-me-up once practice is over. (That’s because we’re not done with snow and ice yet.)

  3. Rachel G says:

    I was the same way when we started soccer a few years ago. The things I would recommend to bring are drinks with their name on it (where we play there are no water fountains, and many parents forget them), a blanket (to sit on or wrap up in), their own ball for warm-up time & your camera – you’ll catch some priceless expressions and poses I’m sure 🙂

    For snacks – we took turns bringing snacks for the whole team – and I found that sliced oranges & cheese sticks were always a hit, I tried to fit something in with protein if possible.

    The competitive thing has always been a struggle for us – my daughter always wanted to be sure and not steal the ball from her friends at their age (even if they were on the other team), we had to work hard to trying her very best and understanding that in sports sometimes we compete against our friends. My best advice is to focus on cheering each other on from the sidelines – it seems crazy but kids love to hear their names and by cheering for their teammates they’ll want to work hard to hear their team cheering for them too.

  4. At this age (my kids are 3 & 5) …I told both of them before every soccer to “try your best, be encouraging, and have fun” I stressed that its great to try to get the ball and do your best…but its just as important to cheer your teammates and the other team on. (at this age its okay to cheer for the other team) 😉 Yes, bring your camera! 🙂 We brought the water-Capri Suns, Granola Bars, and string cheese. My kids had a blast and they told me there favorite part was warming up with their team. Haha! 🙂

  5. Jamie L says:

    AS a veteran soccer mom for 4 years and a new baseball mom I think I have this one mastered! Lots of water, or gatorade for them to drink, after game snacks of fruit like orange slices or grapes are perfect. Pack a change of clothes for each of them and a trash bag ot throw all the dirty clothes in before they destroy the car! For you: a nice cold beverage (or a warm one for those early morning games), a blanket or chair to sit on, an umbrella for rain or sun and of course the camera. Have fun and become “That mom” on the sideline! Alsom there are some great websites to order your very own soccer mom T-shirt! 🙂

  6. Sarah L says:

    Keep it fun. However, please give as much advance notice as you can when you (aka FOUR team members) have to miss a game. It will make a big difference.

  7. Sandra says:

    This is our first year to have our twin boys(9) in different activies, one is staying with soccer and the other is taking a try at baseball. I’ve learned to take a change of shoes for the boys and invested in a poncho and rainboots (the field seems to always be muddy) for myself.
    I have mixed emotions about post game snacks. It’s truly the thing the little ones really look forward to getting. We don’t have alot of the ‘snack’ stuff at home, so I don’t mind when my kids get an unhealthy snack. I know parents have different feelings on this and look forward to the day they outgrow having team snacks.

  8. Lrlanter says:

    Umbrella or chair with own sun shade, dress in layers, camera, water and extra water, apple slices, cheese sticks, goldfish or crackers, coaches cell phone number.

  9. rebecca says:

    My daughter’s team took turns each week bringing the snack for the game. I agree with all of the other comments about snacks, but wanted to add that watermelon was a BIG hit for the half time snack. The kids also enjoyed squeezable apple sauce. If you have a CVS drug store near you, I just bought an 8pk of Deer Park water “Sport Aqua Pods” on clearance for $1.34 The water is a round shape and the wrappers are different sport balls (soccer, basketball, etc.) We also brought individually wrapped wet wipes for each child to use….and don’t forget a bag for garbage. If you are responsible for a team snack, bring a few extra for the siblings of the teammates. Good luck and goooo quads!

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