This weekend it hit me that we are 1/3 through parenting these boys.


And I know we aren’t ever truly done with parenting…but nevertheless, a bulk of the parenting years are behind us. We can undo or redo the past, but with 2/3 left we can resolve to learn from past mistakes and continue to strive to be better parents to these boys.

Somedays it’s tempting to mourn the baby days of 2007. We were so caught up in survival of the early days, that we missed soaking up their little wrinkles in the back of their heads, their squeaks, their tiny fingers that gripped so tightly, the way they would turn their heads in a room full of people to find our voices.

Man, I miss it.

But I suppose all moms feel this to some degree. We were all caught up in the moment, sleep deprived, and too overwhelmed to understand just how fleeting those days truly were.

However, I know what the fraction of time that lies ahead is so instrumental in shaping their lives. That responsibility alone can be more overwhelming than paying for diapers or feeding four babies at once.

These are the days that MATTER.

These are the days that COUNT.

I’m so thankful for His grace, because I’m much to inadequate for such a task. Their lives are just as much in His sovereign hand as they were in the uncertain days of the NICU. They are His.

I’m thankful that He’s entrusted us with these days, and how He sanctifies us through the role of instructing their hearts. When I try to battle in my own strength and fail with misery, His mercies meet me in the morning. And the days of victory are for His glory alone.

We keep pressing on, 1/3 behind us and plenty ahead to challenge and grow us all the more!

3 thoughts on "1/3"

  1. I am so glad that you realize how to appreciate each day and each stage that they go through. Believe me, the time goes so quickly and they will be grown up before you are ready for them to be. It seems like only a couple of years ago when they were newborns and here they are 6 years old. I am so glad to be part of their lives.

  2. Brad Murray says:

    Janet, We are so thankful to have both of you guys and both of my parents around to hello shape our boys lives. You guys have made a permanent positive impact on their lives they will carry for a lifetime. Thank you for pouring into them and to us!

  3. Theresa says:

    What a perspective! I can’t say that I honestly thought about it like that and it really puts a different spin…

    Thanks for sharing your heart Jen. I so enjoy your posts!

    *BTW–your boys are getting big! I just saw the photo in the previous post and wow…growing up!

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