KidVentures = Best Seller on Amazon

KidVentures #1 for Amazon Homeschool Books

You guys, I’m astonished. In just a few days from release, you’ve put KidVentures on the top charts of Amazon

Currently it’s #1 for “Homeschooling” Books, #1 for Kindle “Family Activities” and in the top #50 for both Education/Reference and Parenting.  Could you guys be more awesome?


We took a KidVenture out to Eagle Creek Park yesterday for a picnic by the reservoir, and some time at the Nature Center before the rain set in {again}. Feeding the birds peanuts, touching tadpoles, and some fresh air was just what our week needed!

I LOVE hearing about how YOU are planning on using KidVentures with your kids! Erin and her boys made their own summer bucket lists, Kristen is keeping a “Summer Box” with all the supplies and a copy of KidVentures, Alli is giving it to her babysitter to keep her kids busy while she’s working. 

“Remember, it doesn’t have to be dangerous, expensive, complex, intimidating, or mud-covered to be an excellent KidVenture.”


As a “Thank You” for Mother’s Day weekend KidVentures will be on sale for just $2.99 through Sunday night.

Use the Promo Code “MOTHER” to download the PDF for only $2.99 or find it on Amazon HERE.

Thank you for believing in us, and continuing to share KidVentures with your friends!

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  1. Crystal says:

    I’m going to post about it soon, I promise! Congratulations.

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