Our Summer Farewell Tour…

final farewell to summer - pool days 

This week, we’ve been saying our final goodbyes to summer.  The weather has been hot and muggy, which has been perfect for some final splashes days before they close for the year. The last two days, we’ve hit the pool in the late of the afternoon after our school work is completed– which means the “weird homeschoolers” have the pool to themselves.  A great P.E. class, don’t you think?

final farewell to summer - swimming at the pond

Monday, we celebrated their official first day of 1st grade with a trip to a local splash park, which included an unexpected hike in the woods, a search for  critters in the creek, and a dip in the pond.   I love the unexpected adventures of summer best.

final farewell to summer - splash parks

Summer is always hard for me to end, not because I dread fall so much.  I happen to love fall, but it’s the long days of winter that follow so closely behind that I dread. I can’t bare to look at the Christmas displays that are starting to go up in retail stores, and I quickly scroll past the Elf on the Shelf and Christmas DIY projects popping up all over  Pinterest.  I don’t want to think about sweaters, or soup, or snow.

I’m still sniffing sunscreen and eating ice cream cones in the glorious few minutes of summer. 

The tour isn’t over quite yet.

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  1. Crystal says:

    It drives me crazy how the rest of the world seems to delight in stealing the last few joys of summer with their obsession with moving on to fall and Christmas. It’s August, people, so cork it! 🙂

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