Finding Beauty in the Brokenness: The Everyday



I’ve been upright for three days straight now, and still beyond thankful that I didn’t need another surgery to fix things. The fog is lifting, and I’m able to see clearer.

Brad and I laid in bed talking last night about a lot of the pain we’ve walked through and how we are processing things…which was the first time in a long time that we’ve been able to check-in with each other, and be able to talk about it freely without the physical side of things consuming all of our thoughts.

I’m seeing beauty in the everyday again.

In Starbucks cake pops. In sunshine. In being able to be there for someone else in a time of need instead of being the taker. In worship. In essential oils that make my heart {among other things} feel better. In being able to smile again. In listening to the birds sing. In a walk around the block after being sedentary. In the quiet after 4 boys are finally tucked in bed. In a weather forecast that is above 30 degrees.  

Healing doesn’t come at once, it comes in doses.


Over the weekend I made 2 meals for my family and I felt like someone should throw me a party. I mean, really?  Did you see that? I put food together, and put it on plates, and fed 6 people. When is my medal ceremony? 

It’s moments like these that we’re welcoming and celebrating the “normal” again, even if it’s not quite there or looks unfamiliar.

The thing about being empty is the consciousness of the good things that surround you, when you start being refilled little by little.


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3 thoughts on "Finding Beauty in the Brokenness: The Everyday"

  1. so glad to see it’s getting better for you. The Easter seasons is for new beginnings, I tell myself.

  2. You are finding your new current normal…that is ever changing.

  3. Crystal says:

    I’m so glad to hear this! And yes, you’re right, feeling normal is one of the best things ever, small doses though it may come! P.S. What’s a cake cop? 😉 “That’s enough Starbucks cake for you, young man!”

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