What I Learned During My First Week of Being a Rookie Baseball Mom…


Our newest family adventure: Little League Baseball.  You’ll find me in a sunny spot in my pink canvas chair at the baseball field for the next million weeks. Being 1/3 of the team, means we better do this baseball thing right the first time around. =)

We played soccer last year, but wanted to give the boys a “swing” at baseball this year, and I think it’s actually going to be fun for us all. Our coaches are super encouraging and not overly intense, the boys are loving it so far, and they were 16/16 at bat their first game. {Four times up to the plate each and no outs!} 

I’ve learned a handful of things already in my first week as a baseball mom…I’m sure there’s much more to be learned!

10 Lessons Learned as a Baseball Rookie Mom:

1. There is a correct temperature for thermos water. “Mom, just so you know, you got the water a little too cold.” -Henry  Kid, I’m just glad I remembered to bring you water…and your hats, gloves, and the kitchen sink. 

2. Baseball pants run big – as noted in the above picture. Use those belts for all their worth.

3. 70 degrees and sunny is the perfect introduction to a baseball game.  Every cold, rainy, windy or sweaty game to follow will never measure up.

4. Kids really do care about having someone there to cheer them on. “Mom, did you know Emma’s coming?” “Mom, Emma said her mom said she could come.” “I can’t wait until Emma sees us play our game.”  {Perhaps it has something to do with Emma from their class being cute as a button and sweet too?}

5. Fun trumps perfection 1,000 to 1. Takeaways and improvements are great, but if you’re so focused on performance, it’s going to drag everyone down.

6. When there’s five long hours to wait between team pictures and the highly anticipated first game, a Star Wars viewing party may be necessary.

7.  Goodwill has a great collection of baseball gloves in perfect condition.  I don’t think anyone is going to stop and ask if their glove is used or new.

8. Whatever team name your kids are given, becomes their absolute favorite team. It creates an immediate loyalty and enthusiasm for that character/animal/team name, even if they’ve never watched the real team play in their lives.

9. Baseball is rarely boring when you have 4 kids in the lineup or on the field. It takes me 1/2 the inning just to find them all, and try not to miss anything.

10. You can make a huge impact from the stands. Your words of encouragement, cheers, and thumbs up make their world go round.


Feel free to teach this Rookie Baseball Mom a thing or two in the comments!