Lacing Up the Running Shoes Again…

lacing-up-running -shoes

Sunday I laced up my running shoes again.  It was time to finally get moving and get some of my endurance back.

In the early winter, I was running 2 miles without dying, and starting to finally find some enjoyment in running.  Starting over isn’t easy to say the least.  I’m back to running/walking in intervals, and mentally struggling through each leg. My goal of running an entire 5K and now it seems so far away again.

However, I can’t focus on the miles ahead and how long it’s going to take me.  I have to focus on putting one foot in front of the other.  I have to focus on being thankful for a body that can exercise again. I have to focus on the beauty of spring surrounding me to distract me from the pain of being terribly out of shape. I have to fight the voices in my head telling me to give up and that I’m not good enough. I have to focus on this being good for my body and health.  I have to focus on how I’ll have no regrets of doing it when it’s all over with. I have to focus on just doing it.  The miles will come. 

Lacing up my shoelaces, getting outside, looking ahead – One workout at a time.

This isn’t just about me and my health, it’s about being healthy for those around me, and setting an example for my boys. (Which can I just say they ran an entire 5K without stopping with Brad on Sunday?  Phenomenal.  Their endurance, energy and fitness continues to amaze me.) 

How about YOU?  Have you ever had to jump back into fitness after time off?  How did you motivate yourself? How did you get your stamina back?  

2 thoughts on "Lacing Up the Running Shoes Again…"

  1. Susan says:

    Jen, oh how I feel you on this one. In 2004/2005 I was in the best shape of my life. I did kickboxing, yoga, and ran daily. I then had four surrogate pregnancies (two of them sets of twins) in the next 8 years. Now after finally weaning from the pump, my body is mine again and what a mess it is. I have always been thin and fit and now I am frumpy and dumpy. I keep telling myself it will take time but wow does it stink to start over. I have found that a first thing in the morning workout is the only way to make sure I get one in. Hang in there. They say it gets easier with time.

  2. Crystal says:

    Yay for you! You will get there, little by little.

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