2 Turkeys + 2 Pilgrim Boys

We were able to kick off this Thanksgiving season with the boys’ Thanksgiving school play. They did such a great job being pilgrims and turkeys, reciting their poems and lines, quoting Psalm 100, reading their stories, and singing their songs. That is no small task to pull off for the teachers and their hard work was well displayed!


The turkeys had a better idea for Thanksgiving than being eaten. 😉


It was soooo nice having both of our parents there to enjoy their grandsons in action.


It’s definitely been an adjustment for all of us to switch our school plans {although much easier than anticipated}, but we are so thankful for how God opened the door for us to be part of this community. The boys are growing and doing so well in the classroom. They love their teacher, friends, and the staff. It’s normal to hear “Mom, I love our school” on a weekly basis. What a blessing who have boys who love getting up and going to school!


I’m also thankful that their school schedule gives them Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday off for Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait to pick those turkeys up for the week! We’re hosting my family here on Thursday and then headed to Brad’s family’s on the weekend. Pray that I don’t ruin my first turkey! =)

What are your family’s Thanksgiving plans?

One thought on "2 Turkeys + 2 Pilgrim Boys"

  1. Crystal says:

    We’re hosting a gigantic dinner for 40, at which we will be the only Americans. Pray for me!

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