7 Reasons NOT to Buy Essential Oils From a Grocery or Health Foods Store

When I first started exploring a more natural approach to living, one of my first steps was getting rid of my toxic cleaners.  I started using vinegar and water for most cleaning tasks, but I didn’t love the smell and had read that essential oils can help with cleaning tasks.  I thought that might be a good way to mask the smell (especially for my husband who was pretty much repulsed by it, which led to him cleaning fewer toilets) and asked around where I could buy them.

I had heard of Tea Tree and Lavender, so when I saw them at my local grocery store I was thrilled. They cost under $10 and I knew a little bit would go along way.  I had no idea what I was purchasing or any of the science behind the product. {I’ve replaced ALL of the cleaners under my sink with just this one since.}

Thankfully, I never used them topically or internally, because I could have potentially harmed myself or my family.  I felt like I was making a good investment for a few dollars saved from other companies that my “super crunchy” friends had mentioned, but what I didn’t know is that I was paying for mostly water and chemicals.

Now that I know better, I think it’s important to share it with those of you who are getting curious about the essential oil craze that is blowing up your world. I know what it’s like to need to save that buck, and look for the cheapest route. I know that other options may seem like an investment or something you might have to save for…Trust me we’ve been there, and it’s paid off in SO MANY WAYS.

So let me spare you some of the consequences of buying those off brand oils, and caution you against them.

7 Reasons NOT to Buy Essential Oils from Your Grocery Store or Health Food Store


1. You simply don’t know what you’re getting. Don’t be deceived by a “pure” or “natural” label.  In fact an oil that you may buy from a grocery store of health food store may be labeled “pure”, but only contain 10% of the true essential oil.  So when you go to put lavender on that burn you just got on the hot pan?  You might just make it worse with the synthetics added.  YEOW! {Young Living’s oils are 100% pure essential oils. Tested rigorously both in-house and by 3rd party.}


2. There’s no support or community that comes from your local grocer.  You’re on your own to try to use them safely and effeciently.  I would have been absolutely LOST without my Oily Families Community and support from my team!  They provided me with education, resources, and were available for questions.  Something I’m passionate about passing down.  In fact, I have new educational resources that I’m passing along to every new sign-up.


3. The labels and expiration dates are red flags. You’ll notice the bottles on the shelf have the labels “Keep Out of the Reach of Children” “Do Not Ingest”, and expiration dates. Would you feel safe using these with your family?  Again, the support and resources help SO MUCH when you’re learning how to use essential oils: when to dilute, how to use with children, which ones can be ingested (PLEASE PROMISE ME YOU WON’T INGEST NON-PURE OILS – PROMISE?!!!), etc.


4. You don’t know where they originated or how they were grown.  You have no idea where they came from, if the plants were treated with pesticides, where they harvested at the right time, how many times were they distilled, etc. {Young Living guarantees their oils from Seed to Seal.  They own their own farms, distill once, do weed control by steam and by hand, use essential oils for pest control, harvest at the proper time, etc.} 


5. They are less effective and less potent. You get what you pay for, and that’s a tiny bit of oil and a whole lot of junk.  You might as well rub some dirt on it instead and save yourself some disappointment. If essential oils haven’t worked for you, I would venture to say you haven’t tried the real thing.


6. You’re buying from a company that is not concerned about your wellness. There’s no research to back up their oils, 20 year track record of integrity, or open-door into their business. You never have an opportunity like I’ll get this summer of visiting the farms, helping plant, seeing the distillation process, and all that goes into that little bottle.


7. There’s not much selection.  If you are wanting to explore natural options for supporting a good night’s sleep, digestive system support, immunity support, etc. you’re not going to find many options. {Young Living has over 100 single oils and blends.} 


Hopefully this helped shed some light on the difference between off-brand essential oils and the good stuff. I’m more than happy to help you dig into it more or help with questions.

If you are interested in joining Young Living this month, I have FREE educational gifts that I’m offering. There’s more details on my sign-up page. I would LOVE to have you along for the ride!

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5 thoughts on "7 Reasons NOT to Buy Essential Oils From a Grocery or Health Foods Store"

  1. Ricki Burleigh says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUNG LIVING OILS. I have used them ever since the company was created! There is no comparison to the oils in the stores.

  2. Lora says:

    I have used Aura Cacia oils for years. I have a good friend that sells Young Living now. I recently saw a graphic put out by Young Living, comparing Young Living to other oils that listed the purity, if they monitor their farms, how they’re distilled etc. The only one that came close to Young Living was Aura Cacia. It was almost identical in every respect. I bought my first bottles 15 years ago, before it was ‘trendy” to use oils. Now the grocery store where I work sells them, but yes, very limited selection. I’m glad more people are using oils, but hope that it doesn’t cause a tragedy because people are buying cheap oils and using them wrong because they lack information. That will hurt EVERY oil business because people will be scared …

  3. Sharon says:

    if I’m signing up under a friend who is in your thread/branch/line, are the same bonuses provided?

    1. I’m not for sure if this is what you are asking, but these are my sign-ups through my link only. At this time, I can’t cover everyone on my team to do the same, since I’m doing this out of my commissions.

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