Summer Beginnings



We are just a little over a week into summer and it already feels so full. We finished up soccer on Saturday and baseball last night with a disappointing loss in the tournament. The boys have been attending a Bible school this week in the mornings.  My dad is making a fantastic recovery from his knee-replacement and will most likely be released from the nursing facility this week! A HUGE praise! 

In the midst of a busy season of serving my parents {what a joy it has been to have them in our town}, we’ve managed to have pool parties, pick 10 lbs. of strawberries, consume plenty of ice cream, and enjoy a house full of ruckus once again!

Usually if I’m quiet it’s a reflection of a struggle, but this time I assure you all is well. Sure we are trying to find our stride in the busyness of this beginning, but it’s been full of good things. We’ll figure out how to juggle our work from home responsibilities and making the most of these summer days with our eight year olds in due time.

It’s going to be a celebration to get my dad home, but we will greatly miss my mom living with us, and our daily visits with my dad. I’m so thankful for precious time with them, and this time for the boys to spend loving on them. It’s truly been a gift rather than a burden. Brad has been such an advocate for my parents and willing to serve in every area – I’m so thankful for his leadership and willingness to serve my parents like they are his own.

It’s been a beautiful opportunity for our boys to see my parents faithfulness to each other and how they love each other so well. Hopefully it will impress their hearts on how to serve us one day if that’s ever a need.

Our plans for the summer are for the simple pleasures – pool days, stacks of library books, snow cones, hitting some trails, a canoe trip, lazy pajama mornings, and other outdoor adventures.

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How’s YOUR summer starting out? What are YOUR summer plans? 







4 thoughts on "Summer Beginnings"

  1. Covington Grandma says:

    All the tender loving care we have received i
    From you Jen & Brad is priceless and immeasurable and we so appreciate it. Having Isaac, Henry, Clark & Brooks around has been like a dose of medicine for us. Brad has played the part of an advocate very well & Jen has been so generous in sending food & being an encourager in Ed’s progress of recovering. Praise The Lord is our final comment.

    1. Mom, it’s been such a sweet start to our summer. It’s going to be hard on all of us to let you go home, although we are celebrating too!

  2. Crystal says:

    2 weeks until we get to go home to America for a visit! We can’t wait! Dairy Queen and Costco will be first on the list. 😉

    1. America will be glad to get you back on soil for a little while! Praying for your sweet {growing} family!

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