Fast Fridays: Victory Lap

Fast Fridays (2)

I remember back in the toddler days when I thought, “If I can just make it to the school stage, my life will get easier“.

And then in the homeschool days, there were days that I almost chased down that yellow bus thinking it was the answer to making life simpler.

I think my glasses were a little rose covered, thinking I could just drop them off at school and take the nap that I had earned for the last 6 years. Turns out just getting them through the school week has a slew of tasks and demands that I hadn’t considered.

After all we as school moms have accomplished a lot the last five days. 


Together we’ve smeared on peanut butter and slapped together sandwiches. We’ve found lost shoes in the most forsaken of places. We’ve made impressive dinners out of ordinary ingredients. We’ve gotten them to practices with every single piece of sports equipment required. We’ve signed homework papers. We’ve made sure they had something that smelled clean to wear each day. We’ve responded to emails from teachers, PSG, fundraiser coordinators, and the lunch ladies – BLESS THEM. We’ve owned the mornings. We’ve listened to recess drama. We’ve tackled bedtime. We’ve remembered library books. We’ve encouraged. We’ve prayed. We’ve filled up the grocery carts {AGAIN}. We’ve HUSTLED. 

We’ve juggled a million things so that we can give them the best possible school experience.

So please join me for a victory lap. We’ve made it. We’ve accomplished much. We’ve won for the week. 

Monday is a million miles away. 



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