Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 3


Catch up on Hudson’s Birth Story Here: Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 1 Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 2 Sorry to keep you hanging – It’s been a little crazy adjusting to my new full-time job (nursing Hudson). He’s a champ, though and doing SO WELL! He turns 6 weeks on Wednesday and is already …

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Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 2


As I said in Part 1 of Hudson’s Birth Story, it still feels a bit surreal to write this story even though we are starting the 4th week of Hudson’s little life. This week was supposed to be his due date, but God had other plans… So the middle of the night drive to St.Vincent …

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Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 1


I’m still a bit in shock that I have this story to write, with all of its uncertainties and unexpected turns, but God’s faithfulness is woven into all the details. He knew. He wasn’t surprised or shaken. He had us in His hands the entire time. So let’s rewind just a bit to the week …

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Thoughts From The Bedside of the NICU


Hudson Bradley Murray came unexpectedly and eventfully on June 22 at 10:01 am. It’s been a complete whirlwind ever since, and we are just now trying to find a rhythm after his arrival. Hudson gave us a very scary and uncertain first 72 hours, and I’m still processing all that transpired in those first few …

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Nursery Tour {Plus a Name Hint}


Just a few more weeks until this room won’t feel so incomplete!!!! All the details have come together so well, but there’s still something someone missing. Every time I go in it to put something away or just go in to take it in, the anticipation makes my heart skip a beat. We’re so so …

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Scenes From Our Young Living Shoot


No more torture or teasing, although it’s super entertaining. I’ll let you in on what we were up to last week. A couple of months back, a contact from Young Living’s media team asked if our family would be interested in helping promote one of their product lines. Of course, it was a no-brainer. Our …

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34 Week Bumpdate


Well Hiya!!!! Yep, still {very} pregnant. I didn’t intend to be this quiet through this last trimester – life just got busy with end of school, getting the house ready for the little dude, an unexpected family opportunity (more on that SOON), and trying to get my digestive system to consent to this pregnancy. Thankfully, …

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Last night was one of those teary eyed, proud mama moments as my boys crossed the finish line in their first competitive race. There was community event last night for a 1 mile cross country course (in the rain, which they didn’t mind a bit). We didn’t know what to expect as far as participation …

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