Six Months of Hudson Bradley


I can’t believe we are 6 months into Hudson’s life. This 1/2 a year has FLOWN! What a gift each day has been with this little guy! 

I’m starting to see the little boy coming out in this baby, which is equally exciting to see him grow, and sad that his baby days are numbered.

Milestones We Are Loving at This 6 Month Stage:

— Weighs 19lbs 5oz and is 24 1/2 inches long

— Sitting and loving playing with beads, blocks, his Baby Einstein musical toy, and ANYTHING he can chew on

— 2 sharp bottom teeth

— So far he’s tried and LOVED avocado, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, carrots, and bananas

— Still a champ nurser

— LOVES bath time and soaking anyone in proximity to his splash range

— Can roll both ways, and is anxious to figure out how to crawl (but mama is just fine with him staying put for a while still)

— ADORES his brothers and all the entertainment they provide. He had a little adjustment period when the boys went back to school after break and had to get used to the quiet

— He loooooves people and making them smile

— He’s getting super chatty. A few accidental “mamas” and “das” but mostly he likes talking about “Bob” “A Bob Bob-Bob- Baaaaahb”

— Snuggly wearing a few 6-9 month clothes but mostly 12 month do to those squishy thighs

— Loves watching himself mirror, naming everyone in family pictures, singing, and pulling hair {Yeowch!}

–Lastly, he snuggles into our shoulders, wraps his arms around and squeezes. BEST THING EVER! He sometimes gives open mouth kisses too. #HeartExplosion

Here’s a Look at How Much He’s Changed in the Past 6 Months: 







So thankful for each and every day with our precious surprise. We are overjoyed with having him in our lives, and we’re so grateful this bonus gift of life God granted us!

4 thoughts on "Six Months of Hudson Bradley"

  1. Crystal says:

    He’s only 5 pounds behind my 5.5-year-old…..sigh. I wish I could get her to gain weight. What a happy little dude Hudson is!

    1. Jen Murray says:

      I’m sure it will happen gradually! She certainly is on the right track and looks GREAT! Thankful!

  2. Teresa Cunningham says:

    Absolutely precious!

    1. Jen Murray says:

      Thank you, Teresa! We think so!

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