Ode to Feeding Table…

Forgive my sentimentalism as I reflect on our history with a large piece of furniture that has been part of our lives for the last 18 months…

I’ll never forget when a semi-truck backed up into our cal-de-sac and wondering, "Man, just how big IS this table, if it requires a semi delivery?!!!"


And then seeing little Brooks sitting in it for the first time in our garage, just after Brad finished its assembly….


   It was a LIFE SAVER for all those spoon feedings…


And perfect for eating 1st Birthday Monkey Cupcakes


It even served a purpose for NOT eating, like when Henry decided to build chicken and noodle forts instead..


It was sometimes used as a "holding tank" before baths…


AND to hold us down for our "Crewcuts"…(Isaac)


And most recently a decorating station for Valentine’s cookies…(Clark)


We’ll miss those 8 dangling legs, but we’re thankful for the memories!


From babies….


To little BOYS…


We’re thankful for the opportunity to pass on our table to the Thompson quads.  Although we hadn’t outgrown it completely, it has served it’s purpose and we are ready to eat together as a whole family.

Stay tuned to find out the next step for feeding 4 growing boys…

Here’s one last video as a final farewell…(Ignore my voice in the beginning of the video, talking on the phone about the feeding table! Told ya I was sentimental about the whole deal!)