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Gift: Jen Murray (left) looks at photos after giving a survival kit to Sara Scott, 28, whose premature quadruplets have been in a neonatal intensive care unit at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital since Nov. 25. – Matt Detrich / The Star

Our NICU Survival Kits Made Front Page News!  You can read the full article here.  Keep spreading the word!

We are grateful for the many ways YOU are contributing your own efforts towards this project through blankets, lotions, ideas, time….Lives are being impacted and touched! 

I’m super excited about some things in the works of how you can personally get involved….

A special thanks to Josh Duke and Matt Detrich for their ability to articulate this story through their gifts! 

8 thoughts on "Extra! Extra!"

  1. So proud of you! I would love the get involved in the future with whatever you got going on…

  2. The Kishtons says:

    I saw this in the paper yesterday! What a wonderful article and an awesome way for you and your family to give back. I love that you are able to help others go through a situation that is so near and dear to your hearts.

    ~Fellow Brownsburgian

  3. Melissa says:


    This is so exciting, and as I mentioned to you on Twitter yesterday, very inspiring. My husband and I are starting something similar for parents at the NICU where Addie stayed after her premature birth.

    I'm thrilled that something good is making the front page!


  4. Stephanie says:

    Look at you superstar!!!
    How wonderful that you get the credit you deserve!!

  5. Hope y'all had a nice Anniversary! I've been terrible about checking blogs lately…just checked in. Loved the story, about the Christmas card and the money…similar things happened to our family when my husband was laid off a couple of years ago. God is faithful!
    Happy New Year!

  6. I would love to start something like this at the nicu our son was born at!

  7. Meg says:

    I have to say first that this is so awesome and nice to see some attention/recognition for all of your hard work. Now for the second (superficial) comment – How is that new mom so skinny???? She just had 4 babies!?

  8. Briana says:

    awesome Jen!!!! My little brother was in the NICU for several weeks when he was born and i think what you are doing is wonderful!

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