A Blast From Halloween Past…

We’ve had a blast in the past dressing up for Halloween.  There have been props, puns, and even floats.  We’ve taken (cheap) costumes and ran with it, creating a theme, and getting lots of  laughs from our neighbors. (Even though last year, dragging that bed for over a mile as nuts and bolts fell out of the headboard almost did me in for life!)


2009 was the year of the “Monkeys Jumping On the Bed (complete with a 5th stuffed monkey who had bumped his head, a doctor, and a mama).



2008 was the “Giraffe Exhibit



And 2007 was the still very laughable “Halloweiners


However this year, I’ve got NOTHING.  We’ve collectively been sick for most of the month of October, plus a little bit of travel, and here it is less than a week away and I’m STUMPED! We need to find something affordable and obviously not too terribly time consuming… FAST

I just don’t think we can outdo our Halloween past, but it’s worth a shot. Brilliant ideas are worth sharing!