To My Four Boys Turning 6 {Your Birth Story Part 1}

Dear Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac,

You all turn the age of six this week. {SIX, How in the world is that possible?} I’ve shared bits and pieces of your miraculous birth story, but it’s time I try to write it all out as best as I can.

It might take me a little while and some of the details may be lost as I’ve distributed a my brain cells four ways, and lost a few thousand a long the way, so bear with me…And I hope you don’t mind, but because your story is so incredibly unique and miraculous, I’m sharing this with our little part of the world also. There have been so many who have cheered us on through this journey, those who have loved you from afar and close, and multitudes who have prayed for your lives even before you took your first labored breaths.

But before we take a look at the monumental day you four entered our world, let me tell you a little about the weeks and months that led up to February 2, 2007…

triplet pregnancy ultrasound

On August 7th, 2006, we found out after aching to be pregnant that we were pregnant with triplets.  It baffled our minds completely, and took us completely by surprise as our “chances” for getting pregnant with one were small. After your daddy caught his breath, he began calling practically everyone in the phone book about our news.  Once we told everyone we could think of, our phone didn’t stop ringing in return. We were exhausted and overwhelmed, so we started writing down prayer requests and updates on this new thing called a “blog”. We knew you would need our prayers, and we were just floored that this was happening to us.

A week later on August 15th, I met your daddy at the doctor’s office for a follow up appointment.  We marched our naive selves up to the third floor, and held our breaths as they counted not three heart beats, but FOUR.  Our lives were forever changed in that moment, as the doctor explained not only the added risks of another multiple in the pregnancy, but a very rare and dangerous twinning condition {mono-amniotic}. I’ll never forget the grave faces of our doctor and the nurses that were once so elated for our pregnancy success. 

mono amniotic twins ultrasound quad pregnancy

We were scared out of our minds and baffled by the entire scenario.  The darkest days of our lives followed.  Your daddy and I couldn’t finish a sentence without crying, and it was so incredibly hard to tell your grandparents that they may never get to meet you. We spent the following days with blank stares on our faces crying out to God time and time again.  

We were completely distraught and didn’t understand why God would give us four lives just to take them away…

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