My Secret Bedtime Weapon


I’m letting you in on a HUGE secret today.  It’s almost seemed too good to be true, so I held out a little while to tell you to see if the bedtime magic continued…

Want to know what puts my kids to sleep in 10 minutes?  15 minutes tops?

This little wonder

I like to call it “Bedtime in a Bottle”.

It’s called Peace and Calming from Young Living, and it’s every mom’s “dream come true”for bedtime success.  When I ordered the Premium Kit from YL, little did I know how it would work wonders for my restless little dudes!

I decided to try it one of the first nights…

5 minutes later: Hmmm…They haven’t came out of their beds yet.

10 minutes later: It’s completely quiet in there.

15 minutes later: OUT x 4. 

Surely it was beginners luck or just a fluke! 

A couple months later, it’s still working like a charm. {Oh and did I mention it smells absolutely wonderful too?!!! It’s a blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy.}

It’s like the “get out of bedtime routine knock down, drag-out free” solution. For our boys they have always been good sleepers when we can get them to stop and be still and go to sleep.  It’s getting them there that’s sometimes the trick. And getting them to stay in their beds instead of coming out 20+ times for every reason under the sun.

I need a Band-aide. 
I need to go potty (even though they just went 2 seconds ago). 
I need another hug. (I’m a sucker for that one.)
I’m soooooo hungry.
I’m sooooooo tired. (Um, then go back to your bed and go to sleep?)
I need some lotion.
Are we going anywhere tomorrow?
I need to tell you something. (Always.)
On And On. And On And. Onnnnn…

It’s even worked when we’ve been away from home and sleeping in different surroundings. Now this is simply our own experience, but I’ve heard it from many others as well. Can you say: Game-Changer? It’s great for parents too!  Supports a good night’s sleep and who couldn’t use that?!!!

I apply a couple of drops to the bottoms of their feet just before bedtime, and put any remainder on the back of their necks. I also have them take deep breaths of it to encourage relaxation. You can try this with kids of all ages, but you should dilute it with a carrier oil such as coconut for babies and toddlers. 


What are some ways that YOU make bedtime a success?  Have you tried Peace and Calming yet?  


* These statements are based on my own experience and resources. Not everyone may experience the same results, but I hope you and your family do! The above is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or evaluated by the FDA. I do receive a commission on sales when you sign up, which is a little boost of motivation to share. However, the main reason I’m telling you about our family’s experience with essential oils is because of their positive impact on our family.


5 thoughts on "My Secret Bedtime Weapon"

  1. How do you use it? On the bottoms of their feet?

    1. Rachael says:

      We use it on our 3 month old and we LOVE it! Not sure how Jen does it, but we put it on his feet and sometimes even his chest.

    2. Whoops! I should have clarified that! 🙂 We diffuse it as well as apply it to the bottoms of their feet or the backs of their neck.

  2. Cathy says:

    Do you dilute it at all?

    1. Not usually, but I did at first when I was testing it out.

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