Raising a Home Full of Boys Over a Frat House



I wasn’t a regular at the Frat Houses during my days at Butler University, but the times I did step inside of them I was hit with the smell of urine and beer.  Not the most luring or pleasing smell to a 20 something girl, and somehow I haven’t acquired an appreciation for either smell in my 30’s.  Although my house is full of boys, I’m determined to not live in a Frat House.  We DO boy in this house.  There are games of soccer in my living/family room, there is plenty of boy humor, and rowdy, BUT I don’t want my boys to leave our home with no regard to order, cleanliness, and an appreciation of the work that is involved in maintaining a home.

Over Christmas break I chatted with some close friends and family members of how involved their kids are in the home upkeep, and I realized our boys could and should do more. I wasn’t sure how to implement it, and I dreaded the enforcement, but I can say now a month in that it was so worth it.

Prior to our new system there were things the boys were expected to do on their own (but with frequent reminders): pick up toys/messes, clean up breakfast, put away shoes/coats/backpacks, and help with home responsibilities when asked.  Sometimes they would volunteer to help out on their own or for a reward, but most things landed on my overwhelming to-do list.

Starting at the beginning of January we began a color week system that rotates weekly.

For instance a Yellow Week means:

  • Henry – Laundry Helper
  • Brooks – Dust/Trash Collection
  • Clark – Bathrooms
  • Isaac – Vacuum Downstairs Floors

The next week everyone gets a new job, so you don’t get stuck with your least favorite thing very often.

There’s a quarter reward system. So they begin with a certain number of quarters for the week which can be deducted for poor attitude, not completing their job, or not doing their “regular” responsibilities.

Now, do they need our tips and guidance still? Sure.

Is it perfect? Nope.

Is it taking some of the load off of me? Absolutely!

 Is it teaching them responsibility and to be better workers? I really think so.

One thing that has changed our home in having our boys more involved in the cleaning routines has been our discovery of Thieves Household Cleaner.  It cleans, disinfects, and it’s non-toxic made with 100% plant based material. Before I wouldn’t have let them touch our toilet cleaners, surface sprays, etc. This cleaner alone has replaced all of my previous cleaners (toilet cleaner, kitchen spray, glass cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, produce spray, and more)! A cleaner that you can use both as a toilet cleaner AND a fruit and veggie wash is about as versitile as it gets, people!  AND it’s saved us soooooo much money!  This 14 ounce concentrate can make 30 Dollar Store spray bottles of cleaner – so you are talking about an entire bottle of cleaner for under a $1!



Thieves cleaner is one of my absolute FAVORITE Young Living Products, so for the rest of this month (January) if you sign up for a Premium Starter Kit, I’m gifting you with a 14 oz concentrate to get you started as well!  

The diffuser ALONE does miraculous things for Boy Odors. I’ll take relaxing spa smell over dirty laundry/toilet/sweaty head any day of the week.  Love you Boys. I really do.

So BUY THIS (11 oils, the diffuser, + samples/materials for $150)


And GET THIS as a Bonus! (A $29 retail value!) 



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Just consider it my “Say No to Frat House” Gift!  Your welcome. 

****Please let me know if you make the Premium Starter Kit plunge in the comments so I can get this out to you pronto!*****

How about YOUR house?  Do you do a chore chart?  Allowances?  How’s it working out for your family?



13 thoughts on "Raising a Home Full of Boys Over a Frat House"

  1. Hayley says:

    So what do I need to do to order the kit and get the cleaner bonus? Thanks

    1. This link will help you sign up for the Premium Starter Kit. I will mail you the cleaner after you are all set! EXCITED to have you on board!


  2. Shannon Davis says:

    This is awesome!!! How many quarters do you start with how do you track it? How many do they loose for poor behaviors?
    Thanks so much

    1. It depends on the degree. 😉 We start out with 8 quarters for the week. The quarters go into a jar when taken away for savings.

  3. Anna says:

    How do you keep track of the quarter system? How many do you start with?

    1. We do 8 quarters a week. We just take away a quarter as needed for attitudes, effort, etc. They CAN earn it back through the week by going above and beyond as well.

  4. Mary Beth says:

    Love this! We are just getting started with our oils. I don’t have the Thieves cleaner yet, but Thieves is by far my favorite oil.

    This seems crazy, but you’ve got 4 boys so I know you understand…How do you keep the urine smell out of the bathroom?! It doesn’t matter how much I clean, it still smells. bleck. I’ve tried diffusing purification in there…and sprayed down the shower curtain with thieves and purification mixed with water just in case he had peed on the curtain…but still….it wreaks in the bathroom!!

    1. The Thieves Cleaner made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.
      Glad you are on the Oily Train too!!!

  5. Pam Johnston says:

    This is an awesome idea! While I was in Ohio last week visiting with my newest grand daughter, my 2 year old grandson, daughter in law and my oldest son, I told my DIL how very proud I was of both of my boys for the way they handle their part of the household and baby tending. It just thrills my heart to see them partaking in cleaning/laundry and meals, changing diapers, putting away clothes, playing with the children and taking them with them for outtings. I am just so proud of them and think they are excellent fathers/husbands! I know your boys with be the same and your future DILs will love you all the more for it! You both are doing an awesome job and your boys are very blessed! A friend in East Texas, Pam

    1. Pam, it’s good to hear from you again – always an encouragement to my heart!

  6. Tracy Finken says:

    I have almost 6 year old BBBG and love your idea! “keeping things color coordinated” How great is that…. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Majik says:

    We do a chore chart and allowance. But I never thought of rotating the chores, that’s a great idea. The kids are getting tired of the same chores, especially the ones they don’t like.

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