20 Week Bumpdate

Finally I have something more to show for my 20 week Bumpdate! 


First off, if you missed the big gender reveal, go here first!

This week was a BIG week. We had my 20 week appointment and anatomy scan ultrasound, which confirmed that everything is going GREAT!  I’m so amazed by God’s amazing mastery in forming us from the beginning: to watch the four chambers of the heart with the blood flowing in and out, the kidneys, his rounded belly, the perfectly formed bones of each finger and toe – it’s astounding!

Our baby measures around 6 1/2 inches from head to bottom (the size of a banana) and he weighs 12 ounces, which is a little ahead of schedule! Good job, Little Buddy! Developmentally he should be practicing swallowing, is covered in vernix (white substance on his skin to protect it from irritation from being submerged in amniotic fluid), and might even be opening his eyes this week.


Symptoms: I’m certainly more like myself than 1st and the beginning of the 2nd trimester. Nausea is pretty much non-existent, and the extreme exhaustion has subsided. I still have bouts of fatigue that hit me in the evenings, but it’s dramatically improved.

I’ve really enjoyed getting back to an exercise routine, even if it’s modified. I think I’m finally starting to graduate to the “pregnant girl” at the gym instead of the one who needs to push it and work off the holiday pudge.

My round ligament has been the biggest complaint of the week, which I’m sure is due to all the stretching and growing that has seemed to really ramp up this week. And in the evenings the outside of my belly just is sore. {Growing pains, eh?} 

The 20 week scan this week was a huge reassurance, which has helped tremendously with my emotions and fears.

Highlights: This week’s ultrasound was definitely the biggest highlight of the week, but I also went through some hand-me-down maternity clothes. I’ve made it to 20 weeks in my own clothes, but I know it’s not going to last much longer.

Another highlight has been the frequency of movement I’m able to feel. Little Dude is a party animal. The poor ultrasound tech was like, “Can you just be still for a quick second so I can measure you?” He reminds us of Clark when he was in my belly. (Oh dear.)

We’ve also been working on updating our downstairs flooring, which is something we’ve wanted to do since we moved in 8 years ago!


Cravings/Aversions: Once again, pretty much EVERYTHING sounds good. No real aversions or serious cravings.

Looking Forward To: I know this is probably the “easiest time” of my pregnancy, so I’m trying to soak it up and enjoy a singleton pregnancy. I’m looking forward to starting to get ready for his arrival with collecting baby things, getting a crib, etc. I’m frequently distracted by all things baby on Amazon. Oh yes, I was ordering envelopes, not an Ergo.

The Boys:Last night, I loved listening to the boys talk about how excited they are to hold their brother and get new things for their brother. So sweet how they are already connected.

Name: We are leaning pretty heavily on a first name this week that pretty much the whole family loves. We’ll see if it sticks. Still open to suggestions if you want to leave them in the comment section!

7 thoughts on "20 Week Bumpdate"

  1. Katie says:

    Long-time reader, first comment because I may just be a little baby-crazy…. So many congratulations to you and your family on your little miracle! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Just had to put in, my two favorite boy names are Noah and Luke right now. 🙂 Many blessings!

    1. So glad you took the time to post this! Thank you so much!

  2. Martina says:

    I’m loving the name Zayden and Madden.

    1. The boys would love Madden since they love Madden football! 😉

  3. Super excited for you!

    1. I’m super excited for YOU!

  4. Suz says:

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog, what a lovely family you have. JFF, I like the names: James, Joseph, Matthew and William.

    Good luck with the new baby, I’m sure your sons will be super close.

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