What My Parents 60 Years of Marriage Has Taught Me

Today my parents are celebrating 60 years of their marriage vows. In 1957 they had no idea what the next 60 years would bring. Regardless, they promised in love and honor to stand upon this union.

In the last year, I’ve seen my parents honor these vows in a deeper way than I’ve witnessed. Their days have been challenging and they’ve faced a more difficult season of life.  Their love and respect for one another has not faltered or weakened through these storms. Instead I’ve watched them continue to grow even six decades into this relationship.

I was home a few weeks ago when my dad was expressing how great of a woman he’d found and how no one was like her. (I hope I’m still honoring my spouse in this way in my 80s.) 

In no way have they had the perfect marriage (nor does that exist in reality), but it’s been a consistent life-giving illustration of Christ and His love for the church. There is so much I’ve gained by having a front row seat to their marriage throughout my life, and without a doubt they have influenced so many others through their example.

Here are a Few Things I’ve Tucked Away on Marriage Through Watching a Marriage That’s Endured 60 Years…

Loving God above all else. My mom and dad have been faithful in putting God first in their lives for decades, including their love for one another. Their lives reflect their love for Christ and the gospel. 

Thankfulness in all situations. (Recently when my mom had to call for emergency help, instead of focusing on the obvious physical struggle, she spent the first several minutes telling me how wonderful all of the responders had been and how grateful she was for how good they were to them.)

Laughter is medicinal. My parents continue to tease one another and give each other a hard time. It keeps things light even when things are difficult. 

Prayer is better than sleep.  At the end of the day, my parents pray faithfully for others as they lay in bed. I can never put a value on this precious time they’ve spent before the throne on our behalf. 

In “sickness and in health” isn’t for the faint of heart. This isn’t something we focus on during engagement bliss, but it’s a reality most of us will face with our spouse. 

Friendship endures.  There is no better friend to my dad than his bride, and my mom is to her groom. Their friendship has remained a constant throughout all that life has brought their way.

Love is shown through sacrificial service. There have been countless examples of how my parents have put each other’s needs before their own throughout my lifetime. It’s not out of duty or dread, but with love and honor. 

Trust isn’t without fears. Trusting to honor a spouse’s decision, even when it doesn’t seem “safe” or exactly what you would have wanted takes respect, humbleness, and grace regardless of the outcome. 

Faithfulness is an action. Forsaking all others in all circumstances – better/worse, sickness/health, rich/poor has taken an active commitment for 60 years. 


Thank you, Mom and Dad for living out your commitment to one another for 60 years. I’m grateful for how my own marriage has benefitted from your example of loyalty, love, faithfulness, honor, and friendship.


{My mom wrote a post 3 years ago about What Makes a Marriage Last 57 Years. It’s a must-read.}

3 thoughts on "What My Parents 60 Years of Marriage Has Taught Me"

  1. Angie says:

    Congratulations to your parents! What a lovely couple. My parents have been married 56 years and they have been a tremendous influence in my marriage as well. Our wish when two people get married is that they’ll have years of wedded bliss. I saw my parents go through seasons of anything but bliss, and I truly believe it helped me understand that rough patches don’t mean you’ve married the wrong person or that divorce is the only way out. I’m sure they would’ve have preferred to shield me as a child from their troubles, but as I approach my own 20th wedding anniversary I know what a gift it was for me to have an authentic marriage, with all its bumps and warts, as my template.

    1. Jen Murray says:

      Yaaaaaaas! Exactly, Angie. I’m so thankful that we didn’t jump into marriage blind to the REALNESS of marriage. And 20 years on the horizon? INCREDIBLE!

  2. Crystal says:

    They’re so cute! Happy 60 years to them!

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