Our Quadruplet Birth Story

quadruplets after birth group picture delivery room

On the boys sixth birthday week, I {finally} wrote out their miraculous birth story from the shock of finding out there were FOUR to the roller coaster journey in the  NICU. It’s a six part series, that shows God’s faithfulness through our very uncertain days.

ultrasound 23 weeks quadruplets

It’s incredible that we are SIX years into this gig! What a privilege to share our journey with you all!

quadruplet pregnancy week 30

Nataline Foskey RNC (cq, center) checks Isaac Edward Murray (cq) in his NICU crib at St. Vincent Women's Hospital, Friday, February 9, 2007, as Isaac's parents Jen Murray (cq, left) and Brad Murray (cq, right) look on.  Jen waits to hold her son, who with three brothers was born last Friday, February 2, 2007.  The quadruplets remain in the NICU.  (Kelly Wilkinson / The Indianapolis Star)