Good News is For Sharing

Even with all the (for lack of better terms) “yuck” we’ve had going this week, there have been definite highlights.  It’s such a better thing to focus on the good news around you even on the cloudy days, isn’t it?

Good News Is For Sharing, So Here It Goes…

1. Celebrating A Monumental MomentBrad’s mom completes her breast cancer radiation treatments TODAY!  How fitting that we get to celebrate her last treatment in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  We are so thankful for your life and your love for us, Kathy!

breast cancer treatments over

2. Miracle Life – I found out yesterday that my friend, Lauren, who lost all of her quad babies prematurely, is pregnant.  It is always such a joy when I find out that a friend who has struggled with infertility has become pregnant, but THIS floods my soul!  Congratulations, Lauren!  We will be praying for you and your sweet miracle, and we will always remember your  “Green Beans” angels.


3. Historical Moments – We’re you all cheering on the Chilean miners rescue like we were?  Oh my goodness.  I love watching history unfold, and life cherished. Our boys quickly picked up on the “CHI! CHI! CHI! LEY! LEY! LEY!” and were chanting it loudly as we watched.


Image: Reuters

4. An Opportunity To Be Ministered To – Although I really wanted attend Relevant (a Christian conference that focuses on intentional family relationship and using online opportunities for God’s glory), I knew that it was not a financial possibility.  In addition, I wasn’t ready to leave the kids again for several days.  Several dear friends had a deep desire to see us attend, and committed it to prayer.  Through their group effort, we will be attending as a family, expense free! We are overwhelmed with gratitude once again, and give God the glory for His provision of friendships and opportunities!


5. The Gospel – I can’t do a post about good news without mentioning the gospel.  Our hope for salvation and eternal life through Christ. His grace that extends to us on a daily basis.  His forgiveness bestowed upon us through His horrible death and His miraculous resurrection.  My greatest hope is for you to have a personal relationship with Him. This is the Power of the Cross, Dear Friends!

2 Corinthians 5:21 “For our sake He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.”

cross forgiveness gospel

Image: freefotouk

What Good News Do YOU have to share?


7 thoughts on "Good News is For Sharing"

  1. Lauren Green says:

    There are LOTS to be thankful for! God is good! 🙂

    Thank you for your support, prayers and encouragement! HUGS!

  2. This post got me all teary – I choose to blame the hormones – but goodness am I ever also grateful to the beauties helping you all come to Relevant!!

  3. I love this post – thank you for sharing things to rejoice over!!


  4. jamie reese says:

    I praise God for my good news. I have my 1st foster placement. DCFS called on sept 21st and asked if I could take a 2 day old baby boy!!! I said YES! He is almost a month old now and growing!

  5. Miranda says:

    I also praise God for good news. He provided us with time and a babysitter and a free sporting event so we could celebrate our second anniversary! We are going on a 3 day vacation and we couldn’t be more happy.

  6. such wonderful news for your MIL! I tried to catch parts of the Chillean mine rescue too – I was lucky enough to see the first and last miner pulled out and a few in between – what an amazing story!

  7. Josanne says:

    Truly your post was full of good things! I love hearing happy stories, and what is wonderful as well is when people REALIZE the blessings around them, as you have expressed in your post! Thanks for sharing!

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