Ours For the Picking: Fresh Indiana Strawberries

 family strawberry picking

We picked 13 1/2 lbs of fresh Indiana strawberries over the weekend at Spencer Farm. With our 6 pickers we filled a huge box in an hour!  Although it mostly looked like this…pick a few eat one, pick a few more, eat another…

eating strawberries off the vine    picking strawberries with kids at spencer farm noblesville

It reminded me of the blueberry picking days in Michigan when they were just a year and a half.  Man, they weren’t joshing when they talk about kids growing up before your eyes!

fresh picked strawberries from the farm

We are planning on soaking up this summer as much as humanly possible as a family.  I’m so thankful for that I can physically do so much more than I could this time last year.

pick your own strawberry fields spencer farm noblesville

In fact, I teared up a little squatting down in the strawberry field, realizing how grateful I am to be put back together again and not missing so much as a Mama.

    picking indiana strawberries in noblesville picking strawberries by the pound indiana

Instead, I experienced fresh picked happiness with my fresh picked strawberries, living this memory together.  Thank you, Jesus!

fresh picked strawberries by the pound indiana

What kinds of fruit grow in your area?  Have you ever went picking as a family?

6 thoughts on "Ours For the Picking: Fresh Indiana Strawberries"

  1. Crystal says:

    You have strawberries already?! Strawberry season isn’t until June in Oregon. Not enough sun to ripen yet. 🙂 But there pretty much isn’t anything that doesn’t grow here. I live in one of the most fertile valleys on the West Coast, so before long we’ll be picking strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, marionberries, blackberries (all wild)….and then apples, pears and so on and so forth! I love summer!

  2. Julia says:

    oh my, that must have been so nice! Need to find somewhere to do that with my girls around here (this picking farm concept is not so common in Brazil yet, but I think there is a persimmon farm a couple of hours away that will let you pick, great idea for next weekend!)

    My less than 100% English made me re-read a couple of times that part where you said you teared up, until I realized the verb I was thinking of (tear-tore) was irregular. Deep relieved breath, hahaha! I am so happy you were healed. My tummy is quite disheveled after my 39w twin pregnancy, but there are no other side effects that I have noticed, so I am skipping surgery.

  3. I am rejoicing too, that you are able to do so much more this summer than last. This photo of the beautiful strawberries looks like it belongs in my kitchen. Since you grew up with strawberries all around you in our home, that must have influenced you to love berry picking. glad that you are able to do things together as a family.

  4. oh wow…how did I forget surgery last year?? I can only imagine how sweet this summer will be for you!! A whole new you and lease on fun!!

    We have a blueberry farm literally right around the corner from us. I took all 3 kids last summer and they are already asking when we can go again this year (we’ve got some time before they’re ready!). This totally makes me want some fresh berries!!

  5. LAna says:

    I so miss my mom and my grandma’s patches! Not necessarily the back-breaking picking, but the wonderful jams and shortcakes just make my mouth water thinking about them. Thanks for the memories!

  6. I love Spencer’s. Was just up there a couple weeks ago ourselves! Do you Can? I made an excellent strawberry pie, and some strawberry syrup. But I also can on occasion. Just heard that this week the blueberries are ready, and the blackberries too! Planning another trip?

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