Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys {Day 27}: Bundle Up on a Cool Day

Day 27 Bundle Up for a Walk Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys

Bundle Up And Get Outside When The Temps Start to Drop…


  • Warm Layered Clothing {hats, scarves, gloves, coats, etc}
  • Hot Chocolate or Cider

When our temperatures start to consistently dip into the 40’s, my instinct is to hibernate indoors with the kids.  I’m prone to indoor (inactive) days that lead to the “winter blahs”.  However, I know how good the fresh air and movement is for all of us – honestly, it’s a game changer some days. 

Sure, it’s a chore to bundle up. {Hello, 4 pairs of shoes and gloves!} And that chill in the air starts to have BITE this time of year. {Explain why I live in Indiana again?} However, the quicker you move, the warmer you get.  And the faster you can be sipping hot cocoa – at least that’s our motivator!

Jog around the block, play a game of touch football in the backyard, or take a nature walk and observe the changes of the season. The more you practice getting out on the cooler days, the easier it gets to appreciate even the cooler days outdoors.  Conditioning – YOU CAN DO IT!!!! 

  Helpful Tips/Resources:

* Keep it short to start out.  Shoot for 10- 15 minutes.

* Dress appropriately.  Don’t skimp on the layers.

* Find a good motivator/reward for braving the cold – a story around the fireplace, hot chocolate, or a warm bath playtime.  

What are your tips for braving the cooler days and getting outside? 

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2 thoughts on "Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys {Day 27}: Bundle Up on a Cool Day"

  1. Crystal says:

    The boys and I are outside 365 days a year — literally. I’m not an indoor person at all, so even when it’s pouring down rain, you can find us out running, riding bikes, or just taking a rain walk. Plus it helps that Oregon stays about 55 all winter long, no snow. 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    The great thing about going outside is that the house feels SO cosy and warm when you come in!

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