Born Together. Sled Together.

Sledding with Multiples

Speaking of SNOW… this year has been the best sledding year on record for our boys. Our church is home to the “sledding hill” of our community, and this snow it turned into a pure sheet of ice from all of the traffic.

Five year old legs certainly can climb the sledding hill better than four year or three year old legs!  {Phew!!!} Watching from the top of the hill is much better than lugging 1 or 2 up the hill! Although I’m not sure it burnt as many  hot chocolate and marshmallow calories that I might have later consumed in bulk.

And of course, there’s a favorite way for our multiples to go down the hill – simultaneously of course!  Born together, Sled together. 

Or something like that…


What outdoor winter activities do you enjoy with your kids?

2 thoughts on "Born Together. Sled Together."

  1. Crystal says:

    It doesn’t snow here in the valley (well, hardly ever), but we enjoy puddle-stomping. We have lots of chances to do that! 🙂 Otherwise, we just keep doing everything we throughout the rest of the year. We love being outside!

  2. So far I haven’t come up with many winter activities. I’m so looking forward to sledding with my trio.

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