When Your Family Loses It All…


Yesterday while we celebrated Easter and played outdoors at Brad’s parents house, we got a call from Brad’s sister, Kristy.  Her house had just went up in flames, and in a matter of minutes they lost everything.


They stood outside their home with the clothes on their back, their dog Macy, and their phones.  As you can only imagine, the last twenty-four hours have been devastating and overwhelming, but they are SAFE.

While getting ready in the bathroom, their dog Macy began barking insistently.  Ryan went to investigate what she was upset about and saw the flames in the back of the house.  They escaped, and within minutes the flames had reached the front of the house.  {Thank goodness for that Super Dog!}

The cause remains a mystery – investigators were there today and seemed to not be able to draw any conclusions.  Brad and his parents are there with them now, sorting through some belongings and helping them with some of the many tasks ahead.

I know how faithful you have been to pray for our family in times of need, and I knew you jump at the opportunity to pray for them as well. Currently, their physical needs are taken care of, although they are looking for an immediate place to rent in the Southern Indiana (Spencer/Bloomington/Ellettsville) area, so if anyone knows of anything available, would you kindly leave a comment and contact email?  Or if you would like to write them a note of encouragement, I’m sure they would appreciate that as well.

We are so incredibly thankful for their lives and safety, and want to do anything we can to support them through this trial. 

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22 thoughts on "When Your Family Loses It All…"

  1. Mary says:

    This is just so real and so heartbreaking. Wonderful news that they are safe, which is the main concern, but still a family losing all their possessions is just so sad. Wishing them lots of love and hope for the future. Thank god for their dog. Is there anything they are in need of? Please share.

  2. Heather says:

    I have been there. Our fire was fortunately contained to one room and we only had to contend with smoke and water damage throughout the rest. We were renters and were able to find a much better place within two weeks and our insurance company put us up in a nice rental in the meantime. We will definitely be praying for them! So sorry to see anyone have to go through this. It’s a really emotional process, not because of the stuff you lose but because of the mortality you become aware of and because you realize that you can’t hold anything tightly.


  3. Whitney says:

    Jen and Brad –

    Please pass on my encouragement to Kristy and Ryan. I can’t imagine how overwhelmed they must be feeling. They’ll be in my thoughts and prayers – for a new home and for thankfulness for their safety and loved ones to diminish their fear and sadness.

  4. Kathy Hyman says:

    Oh Kristy and Ryan – I am so thankful you and Macy have survived this but man oh man, I am so sorry for your terrible loss. Please know you are in our prayers and we are here for whatever you may need…Take care of yourselves and know we are here for what ever you may need – hugs and blessings – Stan and Kathy – Lafayette, In.

  5. Mom says:

    Jen has put Ryan and Kristys needs in perfect words. It was devastating to see and heart breaking as a mother for her kids. They have good coverage in insurance but prayers are what is needed.

    Thanks to all the great neighbors and Landlord who have been there for them. We do live in a caring and loving country. News only shows the negative. Wonderful people are everywhere and they proved it during this devastating fire. God bless all.


  6. Oh Jen, I am so sorry to read this and hear about your Sister-in-Laws family. How devastating but so glad everyone is okay and yes we agree SUPER DOG for sure. It amazes me how they can sense trouble and alert the right people. Please let them know that I will say a prayer for them hope they find a place to stay soon. My parents had a fire years and years ago so I know how devasting it is to loose everything, but thankful that they are safe. Sherri

  7. I just can’t even imagine. We will definitely pray for them daily. I have an uncle that lives in Spencer. I will get in touch with him today and see if he knows of any contacts for immediate rental.

  8. Jess says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. How scary! My BIL owns a rental property business in Indiana, so I sent him the info to see if he has anything available. Hopefully we can find them a home soon! 🙂

  9. Traci says:

    My family has a home in Unionville that is about to go on the market. I can call and see if the house could be rented.

  10. Bridge says:

    Sending prayers. Please let me know if there is any other tangible way I can help.

  11. Fran Reese says:

    So sorry. Prayers for them and Brad as he helps.

  12. Erin P says:

    Praying – how awful!

  13. I am so sorry for your loss. I am thankful that nobody was injured, and I am sure that you will see the active hand of God in the months to come.

    I would like to offer you 3 months of free housing without a deposit. We have several homes in the counties surrounding Monroe county.

    Please check our website whereUmatter.com for your options and call Janice for a tour 812-320-9364.

  14. Leire says:

    Kristy and Ryan.. I am so happy you are safe and so sorry about the material loss.
    I hope you can soon forget about this unfortunate experience.
    Prayers from Spain

  15. Crystal says:

    I’m so sorry for their loss, but very glad they all made it out okay.

  16. Melissa P. says:

    Thinking of all of you. Praying for blessings and peace through this situation. ?

  17. Oh wow. I’m so so sorry that they are going through this. Prayers going up for them right now.

  18. That is really awful! I am so sorry to hear about their heartbreaking loss. I am glad that they are safe and that they have such a wonderful dog. Prayers and positive thoughts coming their way…

  19. teresa says:

    Praying for your family. So thankful that they escaped safely. Our son, his wife and children lost their home in a fire years ago. It takes quite some time to work thru everything – but take heart, eventually things will get settled. It is interesting how certain smells (smoke, cleaners) will “take me back” to that period of time. The process is exhausting to go thru. Praying for them physically, mentally and spiritually.

  20. Jane Painter says:

    Kristy and Ryan:

    I am so so sorry for your loss – we are praying for you!

    jane, jacob, jennie and daniel


    Oh how my heart and stomach hurts for them. It has been 3 years since my son and daughter-in-law also lost everything to a fire. We were so thankful it was a beautiful warm day and my granddaughter talked her dad into going to the park instead of putting her down for a nap. The fire started right by her room and had she been upstairs sleeping there would of been no way for my son to get to her. God’s hand was there. I know it is hard on them now but lets give thanks they were all safe. Things can be replaced but not our loved ones.

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