Grill Rescuing

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Once upon a time, when Brad and I were young, naive, and twentysomething, we looked into rescuing a dog.  I would spend time scrolling through pictures of sweet dogs on adoption websites, read about different breeds we liked, and even had a few phone conversations with rescue families looking to adopt out their foster dogs. We had our hearts set on a Weimaraner, but concluded in the end that we weren’t ready to be tied down by an animal to care for daily.  We wanted the flexibility of traveling without anything holding us back, or extra responsibility. {chuckle}

A few months later, we found out we were pregnant with quads.

Rain check on the dog leash, let’s go for the quad stroller instead. 

Turns out we didn’t get to be dog rescuers, but we have gotten the opportunity to save 4 grills from the grave of the dump – one from our apartment complex dumpster our first year of marriage, two from neighbors who upgraded, and one from off the street. We know not everyone can take free used grills, but we feel called to take perfectly good grills, cook on them, and make them our own.  =)

So what do we like to grill?  The normal stuff – chicken, salmon, veggies, burgers, dogs, pork chops.  BUT this grill is waaaay better than we’ve ever rescued before, so we’re ready to kick it up a notch on grillin’. Do you have any awesome grill recipes you love?

Pizza? Ribs? Fruit? Fish?

What should we try out?



4 thoughts on "Grill Rescuing"

  1. Jennie says:

    We love to do pizza on the grill! I take the Pampered Chef pizza dough mix (no, I don’t sell PC, just love this product!) and their grill pizza pan, and then whatever toppings we want. You can also grill frozen pizzas from the grocery store! Delish.

    I try to get out of cooking all summer long if possible (grilling is left to my husband, LOL). I DO sell Tastefully Simple and run freezer meal workshops, and during the summer we stick to grilling and crock pot menus. They are easy and fab, and I love spending 2 hours to prep 10-20 meals and then not have to worry about it during the week when we are tired and grouchy after work and school…and I’m still off the hook from actually doing the cooking. 😉

  2. We’ve been making this grilled flank steak for close to 10 years now and it hasn’t lost its charm! I stock up on flank steak when it’s on sale or buy it at Sam’s. It’s great on its own, and delicious as steak tacos or as the protein in our build-your-own salad bar. Enjoy that grill!

  3. Sonya says:

    That is a good find! My parents took our old one last year and it flew out of their truck on the way back to their house. The amazing part is, my dad fixed it and it looks brand new again! We do mostly burgers and brats, but we also love steak on the grill.

  4. Covington Grandma says:

    If you remember the stories from Dan & Sandy about the turkey on the grill, you probably will want to try that.

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