New Year. New Look.


Well HELLLLLLOOOOO, Friends! We are long overdo for a game of catch up, so warm up a drink and sit with me for a bit. Sooooo how do you like the place? 4tunate was in serious need of a freshening up, and what better time than a new year? All the props to my uber …

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Young Living’s Video Spotlight on Our Thieves Story


I’m sure you are all ready for some present-day posts after recollecting Hudson’s Birth Story for the past many blog posts, and I’m ALMOST ready to go forward from here. Good things are ahead. Promise. However, I PROMISED when I was pregnant that I would reveal our Young Living Thieves video clip when it was …

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Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 7 (Final)


If you’re still around for this FINALE of Hudson’s Birth Story, I wish I had a medal for you, or at least a HUG! I’m seriously sooooo grateful you could celebrate Hudson’s recovery with us and how God healed his little lungs. We are beyond grateful that God chose to spare his life and these …

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Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 6


I promised you the good part – it’s here! If you have any catching up to do on the first few days of Hudson’s life you can do so here: Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 1 Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 2 Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 3 Hudson Bradley’s Birth Story: Part 4 Hudson …

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Scenes From Our Young Living Shoot


No more torture or teasing, although it’s super entertaining. I’ll let you in on what we were up to last week. A couple of months back, a contact from Young Living’s media team asked if our family would be interested in helping promote one of their product lines. Of course, it was a no-brainer. Our …

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34 Week Bumpdate


Well Hiya!!!! Yep, still {very} pregnant. I didn’t intend to be this quiet through this last trimester – life just got busy with end of school, getting the house ready for the little dude, an unexpected family opportunity (more on that SOON), and trying to get my digestive system to consent to this pregnancy. Thankfully, …

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Last night was one of those teary eyed, proud mama moments as my boys crossed the finish line in their first competitive race. There was community event last night for a 1 mile cross country course (in the rain, which they didn’t mind a bit). We didn’t know what to expect as far as participation …

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29 Week Bumpdate


It’s that time again to gawk at the rapidly growing baby bump and to hear the scoop about what it’s like to carry ONE baby at 29 weeks versus four.  As my youth group leader, Marie, would say, “Fasten your seat belts” (and then she would wait for all of us to click our pseudo-seat-belts). …

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