Deal Alert: Amazon Gift Card $10 for $20 on Living Social

I’m working on a follow up post on my post about on ways we are striving to save money in 2011.  Low and behold, while I’m working on the post, I checked my inbox and found that the Living Social Deal is a no-brainer today!

Spend $10 and get a $20 Amazon Gift Card.


It’s like free money, People!  And the ways to save on Amazon are endless: music, books, toys, kitchen ware, even groceries.  I’m able to get almost everything I buy on Amazon at least 30% off retail. I just recently ordered my Bible study book for $3 (used) and it arrived in perfectly new shape. (List price $20.00) Keep your eyes peeled for bargains and then use this gift card for even more savings! 

Just had to pass this money-saving opportunity along! 

What’s YOUR favorite Amazon find?


And in case you didn’t see another money saver – you can print off $2 in Hillshire Farms coupons by voting for “The Most Wanted Sandwich”.  My creation is the “The Hoosier” and we would love your vote to win money to help out Three Angels Ministry in Haiti!

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2 thoughts on "Deal Alert: Amazon Gift Card $10 for $20 on Living Social"

  1. Alice says:

    Surprised no one commented on this. Tnx for posting! I did this, but still have not received my amazon card and it’s now officially January 21, 2 days after the deal (albeit very early morning, I have a newborn, what can I say!).

    Wondering if anyone else has received theirs yet??? I did see on the Living Social site, that they are working on getting everyone’s e-cards to them. Hmmmm… Thought it was suppose to come yesterday? Anxiously waiting to do a little shopping 😉

    1. QuatroMama says:

      I just received an email that mine was ready. Im sure yours will follow soon! Glad you were able to jump on this fab deal too!

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