The Best of Christmas 2010…

christmas family picture 2010

Four boys smiling in one picture?  It’s a Christmas Miracle!

I always regret not taking more pictures at holidays.  I like to think that I’m living in the moment, instead of from behind my lens.  But in all actuality, I was probably preoccupied with one or more of the following…

…a 20 minute attempt to open a ridiculously packaged toy – those poor toys are in prison in those boxes!

…watching 7 cousins tear through packages like raccoons in a garbage dumpster.

…singing Christmas carols with my favorite future boy band.

…breaking up a fight between brothers over a highly popular gift.

…feeding cookies to little beggars.

…messing up a no-brainer crock pot dinner.

…watching the excitement of four 4 year olds as they discover their new treasures.

…helping myself to a little more of grandma’s famous Swiss steak.

…helping navigate through snowy roads.

…thinking about the miracle of Jesus’ birth with wonder and freshness.

…listening to laughter shared over food, presents, and togetherness.

Oh the memories! Here’s a few pictures I (or Aunt Deb) managed to snap between the many Christmas celebrations.

Myers Christmas – December 17th

opening presents with lots of boys

7 boys ripping through packages.  Never a dull moment.  Not one.

identical twins at christmas

Who needs Santa’s lap, when you can sit on Uncle Kirby’s?

memories with grandma at christmas

Clark is always up for a laugh or making someone else laugh – love that about him!

christmas cuddles 

A little brother snuggle in grandma’s chair.

Murray/Cronkhite Christmas – Christmas Eve

extended family christmas picture 2010

Brad’s side of the family – if you couldn’t tell they’re all related!

being silly on Christmas

Shaking the sillies out of Clark Thomas. 

 great grandpa at christmas

The boys trying to mess with Great Grandpa.  (LOVE this one!)

Christmas Morning at Home

coming down the stairs christmas morning

Waiting at the top of the stairs while we make some finishing touches.

presents under the tree christmas morning 

Running to the tree to find their stockings and Toy Story Figures

boys opening presents christmas morning

Opening a few gifts with just the six of us.

I can’t believe another Christmas has come and gone!  How were YOUR holidays?  Did you take a lot of pictures?  What were YOU preoccupied with?


9 thoughts on "The Best of Christmas 2010…"

  1. These pictures are great! The boys are getting so big.

    Our holiday was so busy – it always goes by too fast. We go so caught up in trying to visit everyone that before we knew it, it was time to go back to work/school.

  2. Covington Grandma says:

    Great pictures, Jen. I would love to have copies of the first one of all six of you, the ones taken at our home, and the group photo of Brad’s family and of course the ones taken on Christmas morning. Maybe you better make 6 of the first one. Thanks.

  3. Courtney says:

    You may not have gotten as many as you would have liked, but you sure got some good ones! Love those striped sweaters and the boys all “dressed up” in some of those other ones. They are too cute!

    P.S. I think I may have them all straight now- even Brooks and Clark! 🙂

  4. Staci Brown says:

    Haha!! Our mom used to make the 4 of us sit at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning, too!!

  5. I love your pics! And it looks like you had the best time celebrating!


  6. that one with their great grandpa is so cute and fun!!!

    oh…and don’t even get me started on the packaging on kids’ toys!! oh my goodness!!

  7. traci says:

    What precious pictures! Those boys are just tooo cute! Love the pj’s. 🙂
    Happy New Year to your sweet family.

  8. alice says:

    we enjoyed baby’s first christmas and took TONS of pictures!!! 😉 we had a baby girl after 2 boys and are in Heaven! 🙂

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