The Year Of The 4: Clark Thomas

The Year of The 4 Title

An Ice Storm. A Yucky Illness. An emotional embrace from YOU.

What a birthday to remember!

The boys asked if it was still their birthday and I said “No.”, which was followed by objecting hysteria.  Henry shouted out, “Well, it’s STILL BIRTHDAY WEEK!”

Sooooo the celebration continues!

Today we celebrate:


Clark is full of life. He’s a comedian, a story teller, a talker, and an all round joyful little fellow.  He’s growing up much too fast, but will always be our true miracle baby.

Here’s more about our #3:

Come back to hear about our youngest tomorrow!

And don’t forget to give Henry and Brooks some love too!

AND if you haven’t already “sign” our birthday card for a chance to win a recordable storybook from Hallmark!


5 thoughts on "The Year Of The 4: Clark Thomas"

  1. Happy 4th Birthday, Clark! We hope you have enjoyed your Birthday and Birthday Week.

  2. AmazingGreis says:

    Happy Birthday Week Clark!!! Hope it was a fun day and a great week!

  3. Emily Hasselbeck says:

    “nobody’s in there!”– loved that! 🙂

  4. Courtney says:

    I love the “nobody’s in there” line too! haha

  5. Chelley N says:

    Clark seems like such a joy! Happy birthday, Clark!

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