Fun for a Buck: Macaroni Jewelry

fun for a buck

No matter how hard I cheer for spring to arrive, I know we still have lots of indoor days ahead.  Macaroni Jewelry is a fun, easy, and CHEAP activity to keep little hands busy and Mama happy while we wait for warmer sunshiny days! (Actually, the secret is I had fun making these too!)

 macaroni braclets

All you need to make these is:

* Pipe Cleaners

* A Box of Macaroni

It’s a great activity to practice fine motor skills.  You can also incorporate colors and counting learning as well!

making macaroni jewelry

Tie a knot in one end of the pipe cleaner. Then, little hands can string the macaroni through to the end of the knot.  Continue to fill until the bracelet or necklace is full. Then simply twist the two ends together.

crafts with kids macaroni  

Simple. Easy. Fun for a Buck!


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  • 3 thoughts on "Fun for a Buck: Macaroni Jewelry"

    1. Stacey says:

      Thanks for the idea! Will definitely try this craft this weekend!

    2. And what a great fine motor activity, too!! so simple, so great!

    3. Ang says:

      You can color the pasta with rubbing alcohol and food coloring also.
      Place the pasta in a ziploc bag. Add some rubbing alcohol and food coloring to the bag. Shake it up until the pasta is covered. Once it is all coated with color, dump the pasta out on wax paper to dry. It can be a bit smelly when wet so you may want to do this outside or in the garage.

      *Colored rice makes a fun alternative to a sand/water table.

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