2012 St.Vincent NICU Reunion Picnic – The Miracles Keep Multiplying

Each year we attend the St. Vincent NICU Reunion Picnic, it stirs up so many emotions.  We relive some of those scary unsure moments, we embrace others who have journeyed with us, we remember lives who were lost in the fight, we thank our medical family for the roles they played, and celebrate healthy lives!

This year, 9 sets of quadruplets were represented at the picnic. 8 of them and their mamas are pictured here:


Photo via Elizabeth Stewart

The overwhelming majority of us, have Dr. Sumners (middle) to thank for his care and for the incredible technology of the Transabdominal Cerclage (TAC) procedure to prevent preterm labor/incompetent cervix.

Almost as miraculous as 9 sets of surviving quadruplets?

  • Getting them all dressed and ready on a Saturday morning
  • Getting them all to cooperate for a picture
  • The sanity of their mothers to survive thus far
  • That all of our kids are in tact and seem no worse for the wear
  • That Dr. Sumner’s is still practicing after all the stress of our high-risk pregnancies



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6 thoughts on "2012 St.Vincent NICU Reunion Picnic – The Miracles Keep Multiplying"

  1. LAna says:

    God Bless you all! I’m not sure how you do it some days. I’m worry about myself, and i just have two! Nice to see you at the fair, even if it was a quick glimpse. It was a crazy day, but I think everyone had fun. Hope the boys did!

    1. QuatroMama says:

      They had a BLAST! Wish we would have had time to connect better! God’s grace is sufficient for each day, right? Just need to keep depending on Him for each moment instead of my own power!

  2. Alice says:

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  3. OH how amazing and unbelievably cool! And the doctor came too… so awesome! It must be a fun reunion for all of you each year. Our oldest daughter has an incompetent cervix also and although has never had multiples at a time, has had to have 3 TAC procedures done to get through her 3 pregnancies. (The first pregnancy ended at 21 weeks with a beautiful baby girl who went to Jesus about five minutes after she was born.) That TAC is a blessing to many and to all these families… wow! Awesome. 🙂

    1. Oh clarification: She has had four pregnancies. They did the TAC for the ones after we lost Destiny…

      1. QuatroMama says:

        Dawn, I’m guessing your daughter had a TVC (Transvaginal Cerclage) instead of a Transabdminal. Transabdominal is a c-section like surgery that involves placing a band at the base of the uterus to prevent incompetent cervix. Regardless, I’m so thankful she’s had successful pregnancies since! I’m sure it must still be difficult to not have Destiny here on earth. Thank you so much for sharing about her life, and your daughter’s experience!

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