Simplistic Kindergarten Homeschooling

This is by no means a how-to or instructive post, just a glimpse of what homeschool with our little “class” of kindergarteners looks like. Obviously, we’re just newbies  and have much to learn, but we’re happy to share what how we’re wading our way through our rookie homeschool  year.

simplistic kindergarten homeschooling

Whelp…we’re well over half-way into our homeschool kindergarten year, and I can honestly say I’m enjoying it.  There have been plenty of days when I’ve doubted myself and been tempted by the “big yellow bus”, more frequently I’m gaining confidence and loving this rhythm.

At first I was extremely overwhelmed.  Pinterest and the homeschool blogs taunted me; curriculum catalogs nearly swallowed me whole. I felt like I had taken on another full-time job. I retreated to reading the The Well-Trained Mind and  decided to start with some of their recommended resources and the materials that had been passed down to me or picked up along the way. I had to SIMPLIFY if I wanted this to work for our family.  

So how do we homeschool, plus work from home, AND try to save what sanity we have left?


  • We enrolled our boys in a 1 day a week program that covers science, Latin, geography, history, art, and music. 

In addition, they get to socialize with a classroom of kids their age, get instruction from a master’s level teacher, and get to participate in “normal” classroom routines. {It relieves me from some of the pressure of covering everything and  gives Brad and I a 6 hour break to be as productive as possible to start the week!}

homeschool coop options in indianapolis

  • We keep our curriculum simple. 

Reading/Phonics – We are working our way through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and supplementing with other phonics activities and materials.

Math – I pull the majority of our lessons from this simple book, My First Math Book. It’s simple, colorful, and covers nearly all of the kindergarten math standards.  I’ve supplemented with some addition/subtraction worksheets, and other hands-on activities.

Science – I’ve kept this very simple for this level.  Most of our activities and learning come from hands-on activities and library books. I love the freedom to study what they have interests in: animals, astronomy, anatomy, electronics, etc. and they seem to gain so much being motivated this way. We love the LeapFrog Tag Solar System, several iPad science apps, Snap CircuitsWild Kratts episodes, as well as Ranger Rick Jr. magazines to incorporate science in our every day learning.

HandwritingThis is Brad’s subject – which I was so grateful to have off my plate!  We use Handwriting without Tears and love it!  It’s amazing to see their transformation and improvement!

Again, I’m thankful for how much they cover on Monday’s to keep my load at home a little lighter.

handwriting without tears homeschool kindergarten

  • We read aloud often.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when I have all four of them surrounding me with a good read. We’re working our way through this Read-Aloud Books for Boys list, and we get lots of picture books from our local library as well.

homeschool chapter book ideas

  • We allow ample time for creative play.

There are plenty of opportunities throughout our day for creative play.  Legos, wooden blocks, drawing/coloring, and imaginative play are the top pastimes in this house, and I’m so thankful to have them home to take it in for a little while longer {in spite of breaking up fights}.

ideas for homeschool art

  • We encourage physical activity.

The winter months are more challenging, but thankfully there’s a gym near us that has open gym hours.  Inside our house we resort to family room basketball, a kids’ workout video, occasionally a game on the Wii, and more roughhousing than I could have ever imagined.  With spring will come hikes, playing at the park, and SOCCER!!! Bring it!!!

physical activity for homeschoolers

  • We spend time outside of the house to experience hands-on learning opportunities.

We are fortunate to live close to great museums and parks that we frequent often – from our favorite Children’s Museum to Eagle Creek Park and our local library offerings. 

homeschool field trip ideas   

Are we getting it all right?  Absolutely not.  How long will this part of their education last?  We really aren’t sure.   It’s nothing fancy, but we are LEARNING along the way, and it works for us in this stage of life. 

I’d love to hear how YOUR school year is going (public, homeschool, private) and how you are keeping things simple!

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