The Road to Becoming a Work at Home Dad {Part 7}

As Brad concludes this series on becoming a work at home dad today, you can find the six other parts of this series here:

the road to becoming a work at home dad



1. A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so.

Confession: It took be the better part of two years after starting my business before I could even spell the word entrepreneur.  Even just now, I was making sure it was correct as I typed it, LOL!  I had no idea what I was doing when this whole thing started.  But, now?  While there will always be much to learn, I have every confidence that the product I am providing to my clients has much more value than the investment when they hire us to create a website. 

Every established business needs a website to help them accomplish their business goals.  However, just having a website doesn’t cut it.  It’s imperative that your website has all of the essential elements necessary for it to do it’s job.  What should your website do?  Among other things, help you make more sales!

We are so excited moving forward with our work at 4tunate Design.  Our greatest concern is that every single client is 100% excited about how their website turned out.  Referrals are the life blood of every business, and if I ruin even one relationship, it could mean thousands in lost business.  With that focus, we move forward trusting in our Lord for every provision and seeking His approval first. 

We continue to seek new growth, but the problem with this in the past has been capacity.  There was only so much time in a day, and I could only do so much.  This is probably the most exciting part of 2013 for us.  In 2012, I worked to put a team in place that would set us up to handle more capacity.  I realized for the first time that my success was going to be dependent on the talents of others.  I think this realization is going to be the key that unlocked our true potential.  Too many entrepreneurs try to do everything.  God did not set the church up this way, {Romans 12: 4-8} and I don’t think it is wise to setup your business this way either. 

The most important member of my team is Jen.  Having your spouse as your business partner is an amazing blessing, but for us it came with a bit of a learning curve.  I found myself failing to extend her the grace that I would extend to a co-worker.  Why are we so hard on those we love, yet so accommodating to people we barely know?  Over time, we have learned to better harness our strengths and weaknesses.  We meet weekly on Mondays and go over the plan for our week, set goals, and update on our progress.

We are so thankful for past  referrals that have led to income to support our family. We would continue to be appreciative of your willingness to pass on our portfolio to other businesses.  I promise to treat them with only the greatest level of respect!

Thank you for allowing me to share our journey, the bumps and victories, and thank you in turn for sharing your own.  We will continue to pray that God uses even losses and hardships in your lives for His best and His glory, and that He would continue to guide our steps.

2 thoughts on "The Road to Becoming a Work at Home Dad {Part 7}"

  1. Lene Kristin says:

    My husband just got a new job! We are relieved to have him in a position which has more job security and better terms! I wanted to share the happy news since you’ve been so kind to pray for a relief to our situation. It turned out better than I dared dream! Unemployment was a scary place for our family and I am overjoyed to leave it behind! Thanks again 🙂

    1. QuatroMama says:

      That is incredible news, Lene! We will continue to pray for this transition and praising God for His great provision!

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