Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday – What’s Your Pick?

I went Black Friday shopping for the first time in my life this year.  My sister and I tackled Walmart and Kohl’s and lived to tell about it…

black friday midnight lines at kohls

Parking in a parking lot down the road because the entire lot was full, fighting the mobs like a sporting event, no shopping carts, digging through stashes to find four different characters in identical sizes, lines that extended outside completely behind the store, waiting an hour and a half in the wee hours of the morning – it was QUITE the experience!  I wish I would have videoed the entire scene for you all! 

We did score some great deals, but I’ve been missing that sleep the entire weekend!  Will I do it again?  Yet to be determined.  

I do love the convenience of online shopping.  No makeup required. And often the deals are just as good.

The past couple of years, I’ve given some of our gift recommendations based on age group. I figure if all four of our boys love it and it takes quadruple the wear and tear it’s worth passing on, right?

My top recommendations for this age group?  The LeapFrog TAG Reading System and LeapPad Explorer by LeapPad. We’ve had the opportunity to try out these fabulous products the last few weeks (thanks to LeapFrog and Mom Select), and we’ve even passed them along to a few friends to try out and we’ve had terrific all-round reviews.

leapfrog toys of the year

They are the most engaging and educational toys we’ve experienced.  We definitely have to enforce “screen-time” and turns with these “hot” toys of the year.

 leapfrog tag map toytoy of the year 2011 leappad explorer

It’s so funny asking the boys what THEY want this Christmas – they definitely have more personality differences than ever and distinct tastes. It’s so specific per kid – Clark wants a panda bear, Brooks wants a Spiderman watch, Isaac wants a soccer goal, and Henry wants Buzz Lightyear Legos. Love the diversity!

Here’s some more of the things they’ve requested and circled in the flyers:

If you’d like some suggestions that we highly recommend by age group (non-gender specific), you’re welcome to check out these past 4tunate Gift Guide Posts:

So how about YOU?  Did you go shopping on Black Friday?  Did you find some good deals?  Or do you like to hunt for deals online?  What’s the best deal you’ve found so far?

5 thoughts on "Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday – What’s Your Pick?"

  1. Absolutely NOT. I have not seen the inside of a store since last Wednesday when I went to Farm and Fleet to get Dog Food. BOL I did think about going and sitting at Walmart and just watch the people flood in I hear that is pretty funny to see. We had people camp out in front of Best Buys last Monday for deals and the Target line was wrapped around buildings and buildings from what I understand. I was very nice and comfy in my jammies snuggled up with 2 hound dogs. I am thinking about the Leappad things you recommend. I have 2 nephews I think would really like these. Have a great week and good luck catching up on your lost sleep. Sherri

  2. Amy says:

    Well to be honest I have an easier time finding the deals in the stores. I am kind of a newb at digging through all the online stuff to find deals comparable to the ones on black Friday 😀

  3. Emily says:

    Henry will have to come play Legos with Nick someday… My 28 year old still loves them 😉

  4. RobinS says:

    Instead of Black Friday we have Buy Local day. It was fun! I do like shopping on line but often the shipping charges are too high to make it worthwhile.

  5. NO way! That insanity is not for me!! I try to do a lot of online shopping or one big trip out with my hubby (we’re going this weekend).

    We had thought about the Leap Pad this year but a friend handed down some old Leapsters that will do the trick for now for our older 2. Our kids have the Tag Jrs and love those!

    Legos are always a hit! My oldest son wants a race track this year, my youngest wants Thomas trains and my daughter isn’t sure what she wants! She’s the hard one to shop for!

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